Monday, December 6, 2010

Hey guys! I can't believe that it's December already. It doesn't seem like the Christmas season at all here. Happy Birthday this week Grandma Wilk!!!! and Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! We had two investigators with birthdays this week that we went and visited and brought them cake. They are brothers and their birthdays are 4 days apart, so it's kinda like Sadie and me. We also have a birthday coming up for a less active teenage kid that we are going to go try and visit.
 One of our elders left this week in my district. Elder Hererra... his real mission was Venezuela but his paper work didn't come through for 8 and a half months so he is finally leaving now. We watched the church Christmas devotional last night but we went to the pensionista's mom's house and there were 3 kids running around screaming. About 40 percent or more of the kids here have ADHD problems. Their parents never taught them how to act and I'm thankful more and more each day for the manners that my parents taught me. I got Grandma Tuttle's presents this last week so tell her thanks and not to worry about them. I have a question about your presents though. Did you say I could open the yellow package that you sent me or no? I can't think of anything that you could send me, maybe a little bottle of eye drops.
 That's crazy that Preston is going to Brazil already, and that I'll have 9 months in the mission. I'm glad that Brittani's shower went well and that you guys had fun at the Christmas work party. Is dad going to Steve's Christmas dinner this year? I sure wish I could eat at the Roof right now. 
 I'll be sure to let you know about when I can call you and I'll try for Christmas morning at 7 here.
Hope all is well and that your next week is great. Today were going to the beach for pday and later we're going to the big fair that they are having in Guadalupe.
 The other day I was reading in Alma 37:6-7 and it teaches that by small things do great things come to pass. I can apply this to my mission but I feel that it could help you guys too. The Lord converts people just from one little conversation that I have with someone or some little thing that I say during the lesson that makes them know it's true or by one little example that I show. In our lives we can receive huge blessings from obeying one little commandment and by helping someone with something or being an example. Then we are able to accomplish great things in our lives. I know this is true and I know the Lord can help us with every little thing in our lives and that we are blessed when we put our trust in him.
Good luck with this week and I love you guys.

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