Friday, October 29, 2010

"Christ alone can save the world,
but Christ cannot save the world alone."
 -- David Livingston

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just another week in Guadalupe...

Hey family! Que pasa? Elder Perry was really happy when he saw your picture to him and he says thanks and that you made his birthday awesome. He says he wants to come visit you guys when he gets home so he can meet you and tell you about me. We did have a district conference yesterday and it was great. Hermana Turk wasn't there though, I don't know why, but I hope everything is alright. In Peru the wards aren't very big so they don't have wards and stakes, but they have ramas and distritos. So it was Stake Conference yesterday. Presidente Jave, the husband of our pensionista, is the District Presidente. He spoke and so did Presidente Turk. It was great and he spoke about the new temple that's coming. It should be done in 2 years so I hope they build it really fast so I can go before I leave. There are 8 missionaries in my district which is the Guadalupe District. There are 20 missionaries in our zone which is the Casa Grande Zone I believe. Only the 8 missionaries were at the meeting, but we do have to travel to the other areas a lot especially because Elder Perry is district leader. I can't believe Jessica and Brittani are getting married while I'm gone, and that Gabe hasn't even started his mission. He is going to be so much more ready with already knowing the language really well. His mission is going to be so much different than mine though. ha I can't wait until he gets back, and Gabe, Chase and I can speak 3 different languages to each other and 2 different dialects of spanish.Haha That's good you're teaching the story of Job. You should email it to me so I know too. I'm learning a lot but I still struggle to teach stuff a lot. It takes some faith to be a missionary, but it's really not to bad if you can teach and speak. haha One day I'll know how to do those I hope.... dad says he wanted a misssionary moment but I don't have any really interesting ones yet. We had another baptism this week so maybe you can explain this. His name is Arturo and he was baptized by his recent convert brother who has been a member for 2 months. It was really fun for them to do that and it really built their relationship and confidence. However, only 2 members came to the baptism. The support of the ward is not very good here. It is so important to support the new converts in the first few months of their conversion because this is when they feel uncomfortable in church and don't have any friends. I also learned the importance of home teaching this week. There was a inactive kid that we found that hasn't been attending church. He hasn't had a desire to go really but said he would go with us. He was hanging out with kids that weren't members when he was active, but now he doesn't have many friends and he is inactive. If the ward would have just visited him, and befriended him, and included him he would be active. It's important to keep visiting the inactrives because something in their lives can change them and when we befriend them they'll always have a way back into the church. I have no more time but thanks for writing and I'll write again next week and I should know if I'm getting changed or not by then. Ty

Monday, October 18, 2010

Elder Perry, their pensionista and her family.
She is the one who cooks their meals for them. 
Hermana Kelly Jave, Presidente Jave, Neil and Gemma.

Elder Perry and the man who owns the
 internet shop where they write and receive their emails!
To My Missionary Son
Go, my son, and heaven bless you!  I have read each precious line,
Of your heart's responsive throbbing, to a higher call than mine.
God has spoken, you have heard Him, and tho through tears, these eyes be dim,
Your affections for your Mother, shall not mar your love for Him.

Could I bid you stay from fondness, when the ever ruling hand,
Marks your path to duty clearly, and in faith you understand.
No, tis yours to be obedient, and tis mine to be as true.
Go, my son, where duty calls you, and my prayers shall follow you.

Dear to me are every pathway, which your precious feet have trod.
But I give you fondly, freely, to your mission and your God.
You and I must never falter, in the work we have to do,
Go, my son, where duty calls you, and my prayers will follow you.

 I shall pray for you how often, with the waking hours of morn,
Through the labors of my household, and when the night is coming on.
If a Mother's prayer can guard you, Mid the dangers you must meet,
God will surely reunite us, on a day divinely sweet.

I have loved you from the hour, that my lips first pressed your brow,
Even tenderly, but never, quite as tenderly as now.
All I have is His who gave it, what he bids me, I must do,
Go, my son, where duty calls you, and my love shall follow you.

Heaven protect, and bless you always, Holy angels guard your way,
Keep your spirit from temptation, and keep your feet from going astray.
To your parents, ever faithful, To your God be ever true.
Go, my son, where they have called you, and my prayers shall follow you!

And my prayers will follow you!!

Baptism 2 and 3!

Hey I'm glad you liked the scripture references. Ya Elder Perry is a really great missionary. He says his parents are coming to visit him in 3 months to pick him up. He is just being nice though when he says I'm doing good. haha I can write okay but reading out loud and speaking, not so much. Teaching is the hardest part for me though, I never know how to explain it to them because I've always been around people that knew and believed the same things as me. That stinks that the job didn't come through for Sadie tell her to keep trying and she'll get one. Once she gets the job she'll be able to keep it forever so don't worry about it as long as you keep trying, and tell her no I'm not skinny it was just the picture. I have gained a lot of weight here so far. I officially lost my six pack and I hope I don't gain anymore. That is my pensionista that you saw and her two kids Neil and Hemma. They are hilarious and really loud. lol She is a really nice lady and her husband is the District President or Stake President. I'm always forcing myself to finish meals because they are so big. Tell everyone to write to the mission home. The zone leaders receive everything and have to deliver it to us. I have gotten grandma's package but not yours yet. The best way to write, I think, is Dear Elder so tell my friends that they have no excuse not to write me. If Dear Elder doesn't cost anything then write as many letters as you want, but if it does don't worry about it. Don't worry about sending stuff in packages that much I really am fine, and don't need anything and before you send those cds will you find out if they will work in the cd players here or if the different voltage will effect it. I'm glad it's cooling down there because its getting a lot hotter here. Pretty soon it's going to be miserable. haha I keep having dreams a lot now about hunting for some reason. The other night my entire dream was driving to Idaho to go pheasant hunting with dad, and stopping to get jalapeƱo corndogs at a gas station and watching other people shoot pheasants. It bummed me out when I woke up. haha We now have a baptism scheduled for this Friday for a young guy named Arturo. He knows the church is true and has been waiting for a while to get baptized and is now able to. We have 1 more girl named Anita that will be baptized this week or the next. I'm glad Britanni found someone to marry, that's just crazy that she is. My friends are going to be married too when I get back it's just all crazy. I'm excited to get a letter from her and other people too. Tell all our cousins, aunts and uncles I'm sorry I haven't written yet and that I haven't forgotten about them I'm just trying to get used to stuff and learn a language. haha I'll try to write as soon as possible. I love you guys and hope everything is going well. If you want to attach pictures to your emails you can. Have fun this next week and let me know what happens. I'm off to watch Star Wars and play soccer for my p day. haha Oh and the random fact of the day is......that public breastfeeding is true here. The count for me now is 3 times in someone's home and 1 time in sacrament.......its not distracting at all......ugh!!!!!!!! Plus they have a statue of a lady breastfeeding in the city next to us in CHEPEN haha its weird. Sorry to end the email that way but just wanted to inform ya...haha chow TY

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where is Guadalupe?

Tyler is in Guadalupe,
which is a small town north of Trujillo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Elder Wilkinson and Elder Perry


Hunting Season in Utah

Hey family hows it going? Just another week here in Guadalupe. I was thinking about home the other day and how it is October now, and this means hunting season. I was really sad that I couldn´t go hunting but I know my dad has a lot of good hunts coming this year, and I think I have received revelation for my family concerning this matter. This scripture should help with any contention that may arise between a specific two people, but I will not mention who.....Gen. 27:3-4 I hope this scripture can help with any problems that may arise but if there are further arguments on the matter please refer to Prov. 21:19. Any arguments after reading these two scriptures are useless and against the teachings of the scriptures. Please do not disobey these revelations that were given to us for our personal use. If you do not believe these scriptures are to be used in our own lives please refer to 1 Nephi 19:23. YOUR WELCOME DAD!!!!!!!!!! ha ha anyways now that I have talked about the important stuff, I'd like to talk about conference. It was really amazing! I loved every single talk and it was a real motivation for me. We were not allowed to go on Saturday because we couldn't get an investigator to come but we went to priesthood session and Sunday session. My favorite talk was probably the talk from President Monson on gratitude. I've really had my eyes opened about gratitude lately since being on the mission. We have so many more temporal things in the states and so many luxuries you don't even notice until you have been somewhere else. I will always have a greater appreciation for everything after my mission. But most importantly I have grown immensely in my appreciation for my family. The more I see broken up families and the problems of other families the more I realize the importance of family and how lucky I was and still am. President Monson said something like most often we forget to express our gratitude to the ones that deserve it the most, and that we feel grateful for but dont express it. I just wanted to tell my family that I am grateful for every little thing they've ever done for me and that they are the most important thing in the world to me. Also what I liked about President Monson's talk was that we should be positive. It has been hard staying positive lately because of not knowing spanish or how to teach people (I don't know how you do it for a living mom) or not being able to talk to family and friends but I've learned you need to take everything as a learning experience and have fun with it. I try to enjoy learning spanish even when I'm struggling. He said that prayer is the way to stay positive and that has definitely worked for me. So if you are trying to stay positive listen to the prophet and pray. I don't have much time to say more but thanks for writing me it is the only other thing that keeps me going. I love these peoiple and this work. The food not so much but you can't have everything can you?..........have fun this next week and don't forget to write and get my friends to write. They must not love me I guess cause I haven't gotten any from them... I haven't got any packages but I'll be waiting thanks though. I'm trying to take pictures and I'll send them when I can. Glad to hear everyone's all right and thanks g and g for writing me too:)

Monday, October 4, 2010

3 Nephi 5:13

Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ,
the Son of God. I have been called of him
to declare his word among his people,
that they might have everlasting life.

First Baptism!!

Hey hows it going? Ya all day yesterday I read in my apartment in spanish for about 8 hours, haha but no I didn't get rest we are never allowed to sleep. I need it though. Guadalupe is a little town where everyone knows everyone. It looks different than I was expecting. It is already getting kinda hot and we are only in spring right now. It's supposed to be really hot in my area in the summer and once summer hits they start to grow rice and then the mosquitos hatch. My area is the worst for mosquitos in all of the mission so I hear. I might get transfered but you never know. I like Guadalupe though. It is about a 1.5 to 2 hour bus ride north of Trujillo and it is just a few miles off of the coast. Our apartment is on the 3rd floor in the Pasuela, this little laza right off of the town center. It is small but we have the whole 3rd floor to ourselves. It is 200 soles a month which most people can't afford. My pensionista is Hermana Kelly and she is really, really nice. She takes care of us and is about 4 minutes from our apartment we go to her house to eat. She has one little 2 year old boy named Nil and a little 7 year old girl named Gemma or Hemma in english. Another person does our laundry. We drop it off on Monday and get it Thursday. I hope Grandma and Grandpa are still doing good and you guys too. I have had a lot happen this week. I got sick on Saturday and threw up in the morning. Our appointments fell through so I was able to sleep for a couple hours and now I'm doing better. I think it was a sandwich someone fed us that had mayonaise on it that was bad. Because of elections there is a law that no one can have meetings of any kind. That includes church and General Conference. We can't watch it until next week. I think it's like the only place in the world. So next week is conference for us. It's hard for missionaries though because we can't get progressive investigators if their not going to church and we don't have it for two weeks. We are teaching lots of people. Most of them are inactives because the ward is struggling a little here so we try to reactivate a lot. Others are just a few families we are really trying to work on. We had a baptism on Friday!!!!!!!!!! her name is Ana Maria. She is 20 and Elder Perry had been teaching her for a few months. All I did was bear my testimony to her like 2 or 3 times so I didn't have much to do with it, but I guess you could count it. haha I try to take pics but I only can on p days and there is nothing to take pictures of. What I will probably eventually want is cds. I have a cd player but no music. I would like Mormon Tabernacle choir, normal and Christmas and also on p days we can listen to Disney soundtracks, also classical music like Beethoven and stuff too. ha I guess I'll write more next week just ask questions if you have any and don't worry about me.
 tty later, TY