Monday, October 18, 2010

Baptism 2 and 3!

Hey I'm glad you liked the scripture references. Ya Elder Perry is a really great missionary. He says his parents are coming to visit him in 3 months to pick him up. He is just being nice though when he says I'm doing good. haha I can write okay but reading out loud and speaking, not so much. Teaching is the hardest part for me though, I never know how to explain it to them because I've always been around people that knew and believed the same things as me. That stinks that the job didn't come through for Sadie tell her to keep trying and she'll get one. Once she gets the job she'll be able to keep it forever so don't worry about it as long as you keep trying, and tell her no I'm not skinny it was just the picture. I have gained a lot of weight here so far. I officially lost my six pack and I hope I don't gain anymore. That is my pensionista that you saw and her two kids Neil and Hemma. They are hilarious and really loud. lol She is a really nice lady and her husband is the District President or Stake President. I'm always forcing myself to finish meals because they are so big. Tell everyone to write to the mission home. The zone leaders receive everything and have to deliver it to us. I have gotten grandma's package but not yours yet. The best way to write, I think, is Dear Elder so tell my friends that they have no excuse not to write me. If Dear Elder doesn't cost anything then write as many letters as you want, but if it does don't worry about it. Don't worry about sending stuff in packages that much I really am fine, and don't need anything and before you send those cds will you find out if they will work in the cd players here or if the different voltage will effect it. I'm glad it's cooling down there because its getting a lot hotter here. Pretty soon it's going to be miserable. haha I keep having dreams a lot now about hunting for some reason. The other night my entire dream was driving to Idaho to go pheasant hunting with dad, and stopping to get jalapeƱo corndogs at a gas station and watching other people shoot pheasants. It bummed me out when I woke up. haha We now have a baptism scheduled for this Friday for a young guy named Arturo. He knows the church is true and has been waiting for a while to get baptized and is now able to. We have 1 more girl named Anita that will be baptized this week or the next. I'm glad Britanni found someone to marry, that's just crazy that she is. My friends are going to be married too when I get back it's just all crazy. I'm excited to get a letter from her and other people too. Tell all our cousins, aunts and uncles I'm sorry I haven't written yet and that I haven't forgotten about them I'm just trying to get used to stuff and learn a language. haha I'll try to write as soon as possible. I love you guys and hope everything is going well. If you want to attach pictures to your emails you can. Have fun this next week and let me know what happens. I'm off to watch Star Wars and play soccer for my p day. haha Oh and the random fact of the day is......that public breastfeeding is true here. The count for me now is 3 times in someone's home and 1 time in sacrament.......its not distracting at all......ugh!!!!!!!! Plus they have a statue of a lady breastfeeding in the city next to us in CHEPEN haha its weird. Sorry to end the email that way but just wanted to inform ya...haha chow TY

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