Monday, October 11, 2010

Hunting Season in Utah

Hey family hows it going? Just another week here in Guadalupe. I was thinking about home the other day and how it is October now, and this means hunting season. I was really sad that I couldn´t go hunting but I know my dad has a lot of good hunts coming this year, and I think I have received revelation for my family concerning this matter. This scripture should help with any contention that may arise between a specific two people, but I will not mention who.....Gen. 27:3-4 I hope this scripture can help with any problems that may arise but if there are further arguments on the matter please refer to Prov. 21:19. Any arguments after reading these two scriptures are useless and against the teachings of the scriptures. Please do not disobey these revelations that were given to us for our personal use. If you do not believe these scriptures are to be used in our own lives please refer to 1 Nephi 19:23. YOUR WELCOME DAD!!!!!!!!!! ha ha anyways now that I have talked about the important stuff, I'd like to talk about conference. It was really amazing! I loved every single talk and it was a real motivation for me. We were not allowed to go on Saturday because we couldn't get an investigator to come but we went to priesthood session and Sunday session. My favorite talk was probably the talk from President Monson on gratitude. I've really had my eyes opened about gratitude lately since being on the mission. We have so many more temporal things in the states and so many luxuries you don't even notice until you have been somewhere else. I will always have a greater appreciation for everything after my mission. But most importantly I have grown immensely in my appreciation for my family. The more I see broken up families and the problems of other families the more I realize the importance of family and how lucky I was and still am. President Monson said something like most often we forget to express our gratitude to the ones that deserve it the most, and that we feel grateful for but dont express it. I just wanted to tell my family that I am grateful for every little thing they've ever done for me and that they are the most important thing in the world to me. Also what I liked about President Monson's talk was that we should be positive. It has been hard staying positive lately because of not knowing spanish or how to teach people (I don't know how you do it for a living mom) or not being able to talk to family and friends but I've learned you need to take everything as a learning experience and have fun with it. I try to enjoy learning spanish even when I'm struggling. He said that prayer is the way to stay positive and that has definitely worked for me. So if you are trying to stay positive listen to the prophet and pray. I don't have much time to say more but thanks for writing me it is the only other thing that keeps me going. I love these peoiple and this work. The food not so much but you can't have everything can you?..........have fun this next week and don't forget to write and get my friends to write. They must not love me I guess cause I haven't gotten any from them... I haven't got any packages but I'll be waiting thanks though. I'm trying to take pictures and I'll send them when I can. Glad to hear everyone's all right and thanks g and g for writing me too:)

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