Monday, October 25, 2010

Just another week in Guadalupe...

Hey family! Que pasa? Elder Perry was really happy when he saw your picture to him and he says thanks and that you made his birthday awesome. He says he wants to come visit you guys when he gets home so he can meet you and tell you about me. We did have a district conference yesterday and it was great. Hermana Turk wasn't there though, I don't know why, but I hope everything is alright. In Peru the wards aren't very big so they don't have wards and stakes, but they have ramas and distritos. So it was Stake Conference yesterday. Presidente Jave, the husband of our pensionista, is the District Presidente. He spoke and so did Presidente Turk. It was great and he spoke about the new temple that's coming. It should be done in 2 years so I hope they build it really fast so I can go before I leave. There are 8 missionaries in my district which is the Guadalupe District. There are 20 missionaries in our zone which is the Casa Grande Zone I believe. Only the 8 missionaries were at the meeting, but we do have to travel to the other areas a lot especially because Elder Perry is district leader. I can't believe Jessica and Brittani are getting married while I'm gone, and that Gabe hasn't even started his mission. He is going to be so much more ready with already knowing the language really well. His mission is going to be so much different than mine though. ha I can't wait until he gets back, and Gabe, Chase and I can speak 3 different languages to each other and 2 different dialects of spanish.Haha That's good you're teaching the story of Job. You should email it to me so I know too. I'm learning a lot but I still struggle to teach stuff a lot. It takes some faith to be a missionary, but it's really not to bad if you can teach and speak. haha One day I'll know how to do those I hope.... dad says he wanted a misssionary moment but I don't have any really interesting ones yet. We had another baptism this week so maybe you can explain this. His name is Arturo and he was baptized by his recent convert brother who has been a member for 2 months. It was really fun for them to do that and it really built their relationship and confidence. However, only 2 members came to the baptism. The support of the ward is not very good here. It is so important to support the new converts in the first few months of their conversion because this is when they feel uncomfortable in church and don't have any friends. I also learned the importance of home teaching this week. There was a inactive kid that we found that hasn't been attending church. He hasn't had a desire to go really but said he would go with us. He was hanging out with kids that weren't members when he was active, but now he doesn't have many friends and he is inactive. If the ward would have just visited him, and befriended him, and included him he would be active. It's important to keep visiting the inactrives because something in their lives can change them and when we befriend them they'll always have a way back into the church. I have no more time but thanks for writing and I'll write again next week and I should know if I'm getting changed or not by then. Ty

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