Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last letter from the MTC!

Hi everyone. I'm still doing great! I got my Visa so I will be leaving on August 11 at 9 a.m. There will be about 6-8 missionaries going with me. No one from my district though. They are all going to Washington or California. My flight is around 12 hours total. 6 to Georgia and then from Georgia to Peru is about 6 as well. Time keeps going by faster and faster in here. I'm loving every secong though, my companion and I are the only ones that get along all the time with each other. My testimony still grows everyday and I'm teaching better than I thought I ever would. Also I'm remembering more spanish than I thought I would. I know its because I'm learning it with the Lord and for his work. I got 2 packages this week 1 from my grandma and one from my mom. They got here on Saturday but I couldn't pick them up until Monday because the office was closed. I have enough food in my room now that I wouldn't have to eat in the cafeteria until my flight and I'd be fine. I had to say a prayer in sacrament last week all in spanish and it went pretty good. We've started learning preterite and imperfect tenses in spanish and we are getting pretty good at contacting in spanish now. We just finished our last trc for the first lesson and are now learning to teach the second lesson. On Tuesday when we were still doing lesson 1 we had to contact in spanish and teach the full 1st lesson in english. We contacted a man and he was really hard on us. We couldnt understand him. When we came in however there were three 20 year olds. A sister, brother and his girlfriend. we taught them the lesson and it was amazing. We could really feel the spirit and they even said that they could too. After the pracitce lesson the brother came up to us and said he was a RM. He said at first he was acting but at the end he really felt the spirit and said he would have been baptized. However, we think his girlfriend was an actual investigator. He brought her in so she could learn about the church without getting put on the spot. So we might have already taught our first investigator but were not 100% sure. We have had really good devotionals here so far and I am sleeping a lot better and everyone is getting along with each other this week. However we have had a few bad things happen this week. I pulled my left quad playing soccer last week and I still can't run on it so I'm kind of bummed. Hopefully I can when I get to Peru. Our sister teacher is quitting and getting a new job so we will have to get a new one. Sister Carnahan was transferred to a new district so she could learn more spanish because she is already ahead of us. Also 2 nights ago sister Greenwood started having stomach pains, the shakes and a fast heartbeat. She went to the doctor and they decided that they needed to remove her gallbladder next week. She hould be able to come back to class after 2 or 3 days. But worst of all Elder Christensen was suffering so bad from panic attacks that he wasn't able to do the work and he was honorably dicharged last night . We were  all sad and are going to miss him. He had an amazing testimony and would have baptized so many people . But everything is still looking up here and we are awesome. This is my last P day here so the next time I write everyone I will probably be in Peru. I apreciate all the letters and support I have recieved and all the prayers you have said for me. I know Heavenly Father has heard them because he has comforted me and helped me achieve more than I thought I could have. I know this church is true and that if you have faith in your Father in Heaven he can help you with anything in your life. He loves us so much and has given us so much in our lives and has created a perfect plan with which if we follow we will be cleansed of our sins and have eternal life with our families. I know there are people out there searching for that plan and I gain a stronger desire to help them every day I'm here. Thank you all for thinking about me and I'll talk to you again hopefully next week.
Sincerely, Elder Wilkinson

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