Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tyler is loving the CCM!

Hey everyone! I'm doing great. The CCM is awesome.  We have so much food every meal I have a hard time finishing it.  We have class so much more here.  My companion's name is Elder Rojas, he is from Lima!!! Lima is huge!!! The other day we went to Interpol which is like the FBI of Peru.  The same guy that was checking my teeth did the fingerprinting, it was funny.  The drivers here are crazy. Everytime we go into the city something funny happens. We've seen homeless people, people urinating on trees, stray dogs, crazy driving and funny people.  We teach a lot of lessons here and my companion is really patient with me.  My spanish is getting better, but it just needs time.  Whatever you do don't worry about me.  This place is awesome.  I share a room with my old companion, Elder Hannemann and a guy named Elder Walker from Emmitt Idaho. Our native companions always joke around with us and we teach them funny words in english.  The other day some guy came to the CCM and had like some crazy boot camp thing for gym.  It was the hardest workout ever!!! Today I was able to go to the Lima Peru Temple and be an escort for my companion.  He was really excited.  The bus ride over was awesome.  We all crammed into this bus and it was so full I swear we almost tipped over. haha The people here are so much nicer than in America.  The temple was really small but I loved it. I was able to take a few pictures and then we went to Torrus, Peru Walmart. I got 8 Inca Kolas, some cookies and soap.  Peru is nothing like I imagined it so far, it's just a huge city, but I'm sure that will change when I get to my area.  I hope dad gets a big deer and had fun at his concert, and everyone else is doing good.  Please don't worry about me at all, this place is so fun. I'll try to take pictures of the CCM and of funny things I see.  We had a devotional the other day that was really good. The president of South America West came. The spirit was really strong and it made me want to be a better missionary.  I can't belive it has already been a month! I got to email Chase last week and it was good to hear from him.  Mom, tell Nick to send a letter cuz I don't have enough time to email people back.  This Saturday we are going to be going into the city and doing a real contact.   We are suppose to go to an inactive member's house and talk to them so I hope I can help our member start coming back to church.  There are a lot of new foods here that are really interesting. I'm going to have to bring a lot of stuff home for everyone to try.  Can't wait to hear from you again.  Don't forget to write and I'll talke to you next week. 

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