Wednesday, August 25, 2010

News from the CCM!

I hope class is going well.  I got a letter from you guys and a letter from Daren this week, and I am not sure that I said I got one from Grandma and Grandpa Wilk.  Tell Sadie that if she studies really hard for her first tests then she will have a lot less stress the rest of the semester.  How big was dad's deer?  I hope everything got home okay.  Tell Zack that it's okay.  Everyone that has girlfriends here are the ones that struggle, so he needs to forget about it to stay focused.  That's cool that you got to see Gabe.  He emails me all the time so I'm able to hear from him. It's really hard for me to write and type in spansh now cuz my words are slurring together.  I can't believe that Judd is already home. Have someone tell him hi for me and that I would like advice for studying and learning stuff, and what I need to focus on because I never have enough time for everything. 
I told you I drank a lot of milk.  I was like the human garbage disposal when I was home, but I don't eat that much here.  Too much rice and I'm just sitting all day so I'm not that hungry. I'm starting to get really fat now though, haha. I'm starting a new workout plan to see if I can try and save myself before it's too late. 
I'm glad you started to read the Book of Mormon all the way through. Make sure to not read it as a story though. That's what usually happens the first time through.  Those are real people and when you think of it like that you learn a lot more. You learn new things from the scriptures depending upon what's happening in your life at the time.  The Book of Mormon is definitely the most interesting book you will every read.  D&C is good, but I think it will be a lot harder for you to read all the way through. It's amazing how many scriptures can be related to missionary work.  You never notice them until you are actually a missionary. You really need a lot of motivation as a missionary and the Book of Mormon and families are how you get that.  This place is still really awesome.  The time here is going even faster than Provo.  All the days slurrr together and it feels like I never have enough time to do anything. Spanish is still hard haha, but I'm still progressing.  Starting tomorrow I'm not going to speak any english until nighttime so I can force myself to improve.  It's easy to memorize sentences but hard to conjugate and form your own.  I had a lot of cool experiences this week.  Our district had to sing prelude before our fireside this week and I'm pretty sure I have the worst voice out of the americans, about 90% of the locals are tone deaf though. It's pretty funny! Our native companions are very patient but they do a lot of stuff you need to be patient with.  My companion always throws his wet towel on my bed and it's pretty nasty.  They always ask me for my keys, my candy and my lint roller, and they are always 20 minutes late in the morning even though they get up 20 minutes before us, haha. They never use scriptures in the lessons too, and they get really off topic in their lessons and it's funny. Their testimonies are really powerful. A lot of them are converts and they have gone through a lot in their lives.  We proselyted last Saturday from about 3 to 6.  We were suppose to visit inactives, but none were home and the rest had moved.  We were able to talk to a few others and place a few folletos.  It was hilarious, we saw a 25 year oldish couple kissing on a bench so we went up to them and bore our testimonies and talked about the church and then gave them a law of chastity pamphlet and walked off.  But we were able to talk to some other people.  I was so nervous I was too afraid to talk to other people I could have talked to so many more. My goal for next week is to not be afraid. As long as what I'm saying is true then I'm okay.  My companion can say stuff I can't.  We went proselyting with a kid that's been out for 14 months.  He's from Utah.  I used my Dog Dazzer like crazy. There are stray dogs everywhere. The missionary from Utah thought it was the coolest invention ever.  He told me to use it on every animal we saw and it worked perfectly.  I couldn't understand what anyone was saying though. They all have really thick accents and talk fast.  The culture is so different here.  The people really do have almost nothing but they are so happy.  It really shows here how important it is to live the teachings of the chuch.  The church really does have all the answers we need in this life and all the commandments are for our benefit.  I was reading in 3 Nephi the other day in ch 18 vrs 21, it said pray with your families so they will be blessed.  The more I'm here the more I realize how much you need help in your life and that scriptures and prayer really are important things to do.  If you're reading this email I would like you to try to pray with your families. It will strengthen your lives.  I look forward to talking to you again next week and good luck with whatever you are doing. 
Con amor,
Elder Tyler haha

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