Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hola from the CCM

Hey! This has been a crazy week! It was my last week with my companion and he is gone now. The CCM is like abandoned now. The new set of missionaries don't get in until later tonight and a few on Thursday. That's crazy that that guy crashed so close to our house. Why did nothing cool happen like that when I was there? Good thing he didn't turn the other way. Grandma said that you were liking your class so far and that everyone else seemed to be doing okay. I guess I'll ask again, it must be a big secret, but how big was dad's deer? Gabe just wrote me and told me that he gets to go on the deer hunt right before he leaves. I can't believe I don't get to hunt for 2 more years. Everytime I see the weird looking doves here I start to think about hunting. I look at the pictures of you guys all the time. I've had P-day pretty much since yesterday at 4:00, and I don't have to have any classes at all today. This is like a special P-day. We are taking a tour of the city and shopping for an hour and a half, then we get to go to McDonalds!!!!!!!! and then the beach. We received our new companions last night. Our district was the that got split up, but I got Elder Hannemann in my room again! My new companion's name is Elder Talbot. He is from Arizona. He is pretty cool, but a lot different from my other companions so far. We were able to go proselyting again last Saturday, and Elder Rojas and I went with one full time missionary from Logan, Utah Elder Carnagey. He was really nice and it was a lot of fun. They both love to use my Dog Dazzer on all the pets and watch them freak out. We weren't able to talk to any inactives, but we visited an 8 year old girl that was baptized like 2 weeks before and encouraged her to keep going to church, and shared scriptures with her. We did quite a few street contacts and gave away folletos and a few Libro de Mormons. I can't belive it is September already. Make sure to tell Grandma Happy Birthday for me tomorrow and I hope you and Papa have good birthdays later this week too. Tell Tori I said Happy Birthday too, I think her's is on the 4th. I was talking with Elder Walker and he said that his mom just started talking to you on Missionary Moms. I thought that was pretty funny. So what are people's favorite classes so far and what are you learning? Today I am going to try and buy some sweaters and some writing stuff. I can't believe how much I write here!!! My spanish is still improving, but the next few weeks will be harder since I don't have a walking dictionary anymore. When we go to the temple I have a headset, but it's sometimes confusing because I hear stuff in english and have to say it in spanish. Grandma asked if I could bear my testimony in spanish and the answer is yes. I don't know much else so when I don't know what to say that's what I do. haha I hope Grandma Lecta has a good 90th and will have fun. haha Everyone stay safe and have fun and I'll talk to ya next week. Good Luck.

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