Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Only 2 more weeks!

Hola! This week was just another awesome week in the CCM! Oh before I forget will you send an email for me to Elder David Mortensen and give him the address for Trujillo so he can write me?  He was asking for it.  Tell Zach that is awesome he finally got over 200 bowling, I can't believe he hasn't started yet.  When is he in the field?  I didn't take my camera on the tour, because I didn't want to get robbed, but some others did.  I'll try to get them from them.  I'm really getting nervous that I only have 14 days left  until it's the real thing. I can't believe it! I still like my new companion a lot and I've had a lot of hilarious experiences with him this week. The trip to the city was awesome.  There were a lot of cool buildings and people bought a lot of stuff.  McDonalds was the same, and I really needed those Big Macs. Rice is getting old at the moment.  The beach is awesome, but nothing like California. No Sandy shores, but mostly rocky. My companion caught a little crab in the rocks and we played with it for a few minutes.  I just barely used my card today and I spent 51 soles so probably like 18-20 bucks.  I still have like 240 soles in cash so don't worry about that.  Anyways the mail is due on Wednesdays and I wrote you a letter on Sunday and forgot about it, so you probably won't get your letter for 2 more weeks, sorry.  Mail takes a week to a week and a half and I think DearElder takes a week and a half tambien (also). Some words in spanish are so much easier that english, so I'll probably never stop using them. Anyways some of the funny things that happened this week...We got mail last Saturday and were just sitting around reading our letter and then all of a sudden Elder Talbot says, "I think I got your letter!" He started reading off my email to you from last week or the week before!!! How did he get that? Anyways aparently his mom was getting upset at him for writing crappy emails and said he needed to stop writing to girls. She then proceeded to say here is an email from an elder there, that I want your emails to be like.  IT WAS MY LETTER!!!!! the funniest part is that he hasn't told his mom yet that I'm his companion, so unless you have she didn't know! It was so funny. He is still giving me crap about it. Another funny thing that happened is that for one of our classes we went out to the soccer field and we blindfolded our companions. We had to direct them in spanish where to go and weren't allowed to touch them. I thought it would be funny to play a prank on Elder Talbot.  We started directing our companions where to go and he didn't know directions well in spanish. I got him really confused and brought him to the end of the field. I then proceeded to direct him right into the metal soccer post! He was walking pretty fast  and he hit the pole perfectly right in the center of his forehead.  It made a loud ringing sound and it knocked him backwards.  Everyone was laughing so hard, it was hilarious. He was fine though and thought it was funny too.  Later that day when it was time to get ready to sleep everyone went to take showers. Elder Hannemann takes really long showers so when we finished we reached over his shower door and stole his towel.  We stuck it in a shower clear across the hall and left and made him run out to go get it.  Ha ha he wasn't shy at all and just ran out to get it just laughing the whole time. Classes have been going really good here still.  After 3 weeks they just start over again for grammar and teach you the same principles again.  Ensenanzas (trainings) are getting better and I'm still improving little by little. I hope birthdays went well and everyone is doing good. Talk to ya next week, TY

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