Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey everyone! 
Well I don't have too much to say this week but everything is going really well. We didn't have our baptism because our investigator got sick but she says that she will be baptized this Saturday at 4 o'clock.
 Well this week has gone by very slowly haha. We walked and walked and talked and talked but it seemed like everyone was busy or didn't want to listen. haha It was challenging but we learned a lot.
 Well also this week I had a very interesting experience. I woke up, worked out, showered and came back to get dressed and when I opened up my sock drawer, four cockroaches were squirming around and hiding in my socks!!!!! haha My companion and I took bottles and when they ran out we had to smash them. Also we had to buy bug spray and kill about 3 thousand ants too. This new room is very luxurious if you can't tell by my stories haha. 
Well other than all of that I don't have much to say but I found a scripture that I liked when I was studying the other day in 2 Corinthians 12:10 it says that we should be happy when we have tribulations and problems because even though we're weak, we're strong. When we have problems for being followers of Christ he helps us overcome our problems and we become a lot stronger in our lives. Missionary work is really great and I'm learning a lot from these people and I know I'm where I need to be right now. 
I hope all is well and that everyone is safe and happy!
 Elder Wikinson.
 ...oh ya and tell Nick that I hope his daughter Hadley had a Happy Birthday!!!!!

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