Monday, June 27, 2011

Hey family I hope all is well. 
Well not much time to talk but I want to say that I love you all. The work is really progressing in this area. We had 16 new investigators this week and about 26 lessons. There are 3 people that are really close to baptism and we are working really hard for them right now.
 I'm glad to hear that everything is good where you're at and I hope it stays that way. Well I lost the count of how many shirts you want and what sizes so maybe send that again and I'll make sure that I pray for Sadie and Dad and all of you guys. 
Well Elder Shaw and I are working probably the hardest out of all my companions so far. We are always doing something and trying to be obedient and the Lord has showered us with lots of blessings and we've found a lot of new people. Also, this Sunday I was asked to talk again in church and I had the last talk of 15 minutes again. The time flies so fast now in talks that my homecoming talk will be the simplest thing in the world!!!! haha I was able to use one of the talks I printed off the internet before I left called "True Friends", by Henry B. Eyring from the conference of April 2002. It talks about how to be a true friend and help the people that are just coming into the church. If you all have time it would be a great thing to read. Well right now we are teaching a 12 year old girl named Belen, or Bethlehem in english. Her parents aren't members and they live in Chile, but her mom was an investigator from a long time ago and is fine with her getting baptized and she is living with her grandma and aunt that are both members so it should be alright to baptize her. We helped her with her english homework and she was very grateful. One person that you all could pray for is named Teresiña. She is 15 and has been listening to the missionaries for a year and a half. She lives with a ward family but her actual family lives in the jungle and they don't want anything to do with the church. She has a testimony but her mom and dad won't let her be baptized and when we talk about baptism with her mom there, she is too afraid of her mom to say anything and she denies that she wants to be baptized even though she has told us that she does over 6 times. It's very sad. We had 3 very powerful lessons with her the other week but they completely rejected the message of the gospel. In those moments I felt the spirit more than I ever have in my whole mission. I realized the grasp that Satan has on the hearts of men and how much harm he does. I also learned what the scriptures say that the sins of the children will be on the heads of the fathers in the last day. My testimony grew extremely strong after one of these lessons and I was completely disgusted with Lucifer and wanted to give all I could to the Lord to fight against him. There are so many people that are blinded by friends, and the media, and the priests and pastors of the world but I know that this church is true and helps us change our lives. If you're doing something wrong in your life realize that Satan is tempting you and have the faith that Christ is there waiting also to give you the strength to change. Teach your children to love the scriptures and do all you can to help them get a testimony while they're young. I love the people here and I hope I can teach them these things.
 My love for my family and the church grows every day, especially for my parents. I pray that the Lord is with you and that you're happy and that he helps you to make the right decisions in your lives. Remember family home evening, scripture study, ward activities, and prayer and all will be well. 
Your very grateful son, brother and grandson, 
Elder Wilkinson

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