Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey everyone how's it going?
 Well this week went by pretty good. Everything is going well with my new companion Elder Bulmini. He is from Uruguay. He is the first missionary from Uruguay to serve in the Trujillo, Peru Mission so that's pretty cool. He is also an english teacher so we can talk in english too. He is a really good missionary and already knows a lot about the mission work because he has been the ward mission leader before in his home ward. Anyways he likes playing soccer, if that's not already obvious since he is from South America, and he is very good at singing. 
Anyways mom the tie dye shirts that you saw Elder Shaw and I wearing were from a zone activity one p-day where we all bought white shirts, tape and spray paint and then we taped our shirts making different designs and then sprayed them different colors. It was pretty fun. All the other activities aren't crazy fun but I've enjoyed them. We usually play soccer, we watched the movie Rio, or maybe it's river in english I'm not sure, and once we went to a shopping mall place and I bought a sweet new backpack because the other 10 dollar Walmart backpack was on it's last run.
 I'm going this week to a shirt store so I'll try to buy all of the shirts everyone has asked for. Also, my suit is doing fine and my shoes too. Thanks for the socks and the new tie they are really sweet. 
I also got the package from Grandma from the Seattle trip. You are all lucky!!!! I also got really great letters from G and G Wilk. They seem to be doing very well.
 Anyways  Brother Artemio came to church this last Sunday. He is the one that is having a lot of health issues in his family. He thought before that you only received revelation from dreams, but now he knows and is praying hard for an answer so please pray for him and also a girl named Luisa. There are a lot of good people here and I know that they will progress.
 I love the Lord....I love you guys.... and I love the people of Peru!
 Until next week,
 your son Elder Wilkinson

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