Monday, July 11, 2011

Well I'm trying to send a few pics this week so I hope they turn out all right I can't see them on the computer so I just picked random ones. 
Well this week has gone by very fast. We found out the changes today and it looks like Elder Shaw is going to Huamachuco, which is a little town in the mountains. I don't know who my new companion is because I am going to be training and they haven't arrived here in Trujillo yet. I hope that I am ready to train someone haha I know that it's going to be a lot different and that I'm going to have to help with everything. I just wish I knew if it was a latino or an American. I kind of hope that it's a latino because I'm starting to lose a bit of spanish when I have American companions because we always talk in english with one another. 
Anyways this week went alright. It was sort of bad because we did not have a single person come to church this week which was pretty depressing. It is very hard when they all say that they want to go and tell you they will and then they just come up with an excuse when Sunday comes. It was very hard. However, we do have quite a few good investigators so they should be progressing this next week. 
Also we had our baptism for the girl named Belèn. She was very excited at her baptism and I was able to be the person to baptize her. Her parents aren't members but her extended family is and she has a very strong testimony even though she is only 11 years old. She attends a religious school that is always bashing on other religions and she told us that she received an answer to hers prayers and that she knows the church is true. 
Well sorry I don't have more time to talk but that's about what happened this week and I'll let you know what's happened this next week and who my companion is but until then stay happy and safe!!!!
Elder Wilkinson

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