Monday, July 25, 2011

Hey everyone hows it going? 
Well not much happened this week. Just the same old routine. Except that I'm getting pretty good at soccer for a white guy that's never played before!!!! This week we were passing by a park and there was a group of young people playing soccer. It was early and there weren't many people out so we went up to them and asked them if we could play. At first they were blowing us off and were saying not now because we're playing, because they thought that we just wanted to teach them, but we told them that it was just to play. We played and I scored 3 goals!!! We left without asking for references but told them that we would play the next day and if we won they had to give us their directions and cell numbers. Well we won again and we kicked their trash. haha It's funny to say but I know the Lord helped us beat them to get the references because I scored some crazy goals that I never would have been able to do before like kicking it past three guys from the side line into the high corner of the goal or kicking the ball in between the legs of another player and then hitting it past the goalie. It was awesome!! Also, in this zone we play soccer as a stake every Monday morning from 6:00 to 7:30. haha I never thought that I would say it but I might like to play a little soccer when I get back from the mission. 
Well I also had one more cool experience. The family Asto, the one that I asked for you to pray for, well we found out that they are not married so we will have to plan a wedding for them, but they are progressing a lot and the mom that didn't really want to listen before is really interested now. It's a little bit because she had a dream. She said that she dreamed that there were two people dressed in white that came up to her and gave her a bunch of white papers. She said that in her dream that she was very happy and that she felt a lot better when they got there. Well we asked her if she thought it was us and she told us that she did and that after that dream she woke up her husband and told him that they needed to go to church and they did. That was probably the biggest of all the miracles that happened this week. 
Well I don't have much time but the companion is good. His name is Frederico mom and Grandma maybe you could send me recipes of foods for my pensionista, but that's better through email. 
Other than that I'm good. I also wanted to share a scripture, Alma 36: 17-20. When I read this it made me feel good because when we focus on the Savior and his sacrifice, especially in sacrament meeting, all the pains just float away. 
Anyways until next week...
 Elder Wilkinson.

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