Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey everyone!! Great news here in Peru!!! Well we didn't have the activity for family research yet because there were problems with the scheduling of the stake activities but instead of having that activity on Saturday we had a really cool baptism!!! His name is Giorgio and he is 14 years old.  He never really progressed that much and had trouble reading, but he has progressed a ton lately and is a really great person and was happy to make the decision to be baptized.  His father is a less active member and his aunts and uncles are members so he has a little bit of support. The area has really changed a lot since I've been here.  The Lord has really blessed me and I have learned the importance of enjoying your time with your investigators and gaining their confidence and focusing on them. 
I don't know what else we are doing differently but the people love us and trust us a lot and are completing all of the commitments with us. My companion is really great and knows so much more than me when I started my mission. We work really well together and I hope we have another change together. 
We have another baptism this week on Thursday and her name is Madeley. She is 13 and knows a ton!!!!! about the scriptures and prayed about the Book of Mormon the first time we taught her and she received her answer instantly and has gone to church ever since and all of the activities too. Really people are just waiting here to find the truth and I know we have to do everything we can to try and find them and explain to them the truths that others don't know.
I'm sad to hear that our relatives passed away but I know that they are in a good place. I found scriptures in Alma 28:11-14 that makes me feel good about my family and the blessings that we have.
Until next week,
Elder Wilkinson

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