Monday, September 12, 2011

Hey everyone, how's it going?
Good news!!!!
The Asto family is going to be baptized this Thursday!!!! They had their interviews today and they all passed and are really excited to be baptized. The parents aren't married yet so they have to be married before and we are going to do that on Thursday morning. They have been coming to church forever and we finally got their birth certificates from the mountains and they are all ready to go!!!
Sorry this key board stinks and the letters are missing so it's hard to write.
Anyways, we also have two more baptism dates for the next week that's coming up. One of them is Madalein, a 13 year old girl that is a genius! She is really, really smart and got her testimony right after the first lesson. She always reads the Book of Mormon and completes all of the things we ask her to do to strengthen her testimony. This area is really doing well and I hope all of them can be prepared for baptism before I leave this area because I want to see them get baptized. 
Anyways. I hope everything is going well with you guys and that you enjoyed your summer because we are just starting spring and I'm not excited for summer to come again.  I hope it's a little bit colder in my new area that I will have. haha
I don't know when Grandma and Grandpa come home but I know it's close to that time so I hope they enjoy their fun tour on their way back and I hope that they are all safe.
Mom I need a huge favor. We are going to have an activity on genealogy next week so I need you to email me a cool story and maybe a funny story from our ancestors and if you can research where our last name comes from and our descendants also and any other cool things.  But you have to email it this next Monday because I don't have time to receive a package. Thanks everyone!! 
I know that the church is true and the gospel was restored. I know that our Father in Heaven answers our prayers and that we are happy when we pray. In 3 Nephi 17 it says that when the people prayed with Jesus they were so happy they couldn't stand and that Christ was also full of joy. I know that sometimes we feel that way too.
Until next week,
Elder Wilkinson

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