Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey family,
I don't have much time to write, but thanks for writing me this week. We had 2 baptisms this week!!! Melissa and Cynthia Arenas were baptized this week and the baptism went really well, probably the best baptism I've seen in the mission.  About 40 people came and we had about 7 investigators at the baptism.  We are still working on the paperwork for the marriage of the Family Asto, but the family is still really excited for their baptisms.
Well, I don't know how much money you put in my bank account mom but next week I am going to need a little bit of money because I'm going to the dentist because I have a few cavities that have to be filled.  My leaders said that the cavities are about $30 each and that I can send you the receipts so the insurance can maybe cover them.  
Anyways I got a very interesting phone call Saturday night from Sister Turk.  She wanted me to explain all of the funny things that she found in my room.  She found my little black lady statue that someone game me in Guadalupe, the public telephone sign that we found with Elder Shaw, and the weird fruit that the pensionista gave us.  
Anyways, not much else happened this week, but the ward is really happy and is growing a lot.  Our convert Santos is really happy and seems completely different now that she is baptized and has the Holy Ghost.  She learns things a lot faster when we teach her and she is always a lot happier.  She was also blessed because her ex-husband returned her two children and they are going to study here in Trujillo with her.  
Well I feel bad that there's not much to say. I'm just glad that I get to write this letter on my mom's birthday!!!! Thanks Mom for all that you've done for me and all the support that you've given me during my mission.  I love you tons and know that the people in Peru are blessed for your sacrifice and for raising a child to become a missionary, and to leave your son for two years.  haha  I don't miss home, but I do miss you!!!!
Thanks for everything!
Your grateful and lucky son,
Elder Wilkinson

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