Monday, November 7, 2011

Hey everyone! Well I'm here finishing up 6 months in The Noria. It's been quite a while since I first got here and it has gone really fast, but I'm not sure if I'll be here next change or if I'll be sent to another area. I'd really like to see more areas and get to know a little more of the mission outside of Trujillo but The Noria has been really great for me. The Lord really has worked a lot of miracles here and is preparing this ward a lot so it can grow and progress. There are tons of people that I will remember from this area and all of the progress I've seen them achieve. 
The people here in Peru are very different and sometimes seem really lazy, but it's just a different way of living and they really are very receptive to the gospel. They are willing to exercise a lot of faith and to do good things to become closer to their Savior. One good attribute that all Peruvians have is love and they are also very humble. My companion and I fasted two times this week for a lot of reasons and a lot of blessings that we needed as well as our investigators and my testimony continues to grow about the power of fasting. It really seems like everything we ask comes true or we are able to work on it and improve on something a lot easier after fasting. The Lord really does have a lot of blessings waiting for us and wants to help with our problems, but it's through sacrifice and obedience that we recieve these things, if not there´s no purpose of being here on the earth because we need to progress and overcome things to be stronger. 
Well we had a baptism Saturday for Ana Ybañez. She is 15 and her mom is a less active member. She is really excited and maybe it would be cool if you could send her a little letter of support and I can translate it and read it to her. We are praying and doing everything we can also for 1 family that will be baptized this week. The parents are named José and Karin and they are great. They will be interviewed, married, baptized and confirmed all in these next six days and it sure will take a lot of plans. 
I'm also really glad because weve recieved a lot of help from some members lately and one member has helped us with almost everything this week. She helped us look for a room, took us to a tourist spot today for p day, arranges our appointments, buys pizza with us from Papa Johns and teaches us all the stuff she learned on her mission. She's awesome!!!!! haha I hope I get to teach someone about how to be a missionary when I get back because I want to help like she's helped us. 
Anyways until next week, 
Elder Wilkinson.

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