Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey everyone everything is just going great here in The Noria. We're getting ready for Christmas and all of the cool pageants and shows and service projects that we're going to do. This is a really busy time for us as missionaries. 
Well we were able to help Hermano Abraham step into the waters of baptism last week and make a covenant with his Heavenly Father. Abraham was definitely prepared by the Lord to hear us and receive the gospel. He never doubted once what we taught and he never had a problem or an obstacle to overcome. He has a lot of faith for a 15 year old kid and he gave a really powerful testimony the other day at his baptism. He also fasted with us on Fast Sunday!!! Also this week we changed rooms and we now live in a room that is a lot bigger and a house that is a lot calmer and has the spirit more. It was pretty rough living in the other house and I'm glad we were able to change. We will be pensioning with a lady in the ward this month named Miriam. She is a great lady that has 3 little children and just loves the missionaries. Her husband works in the mines in the mountains and she always gives us so much food that is delicious. I know I'll gain weight this month for sure!!!!
 Anyways, nothing else has really happened this week but thats' crazy to know that there was weird weather there in Utah. We just met two members the other day that are peruvian but they just got back from Utah. They said that they live in Orem and came back to Peru to visit their family. They have lived there 3 years but there english wasn't so great. I hope I don't sound like they do in spanish only having 1 year and a half here. 
Well I hope that my parents have a good wedding anniversary and that Grandma Wilk has a good birthday and that everyone enjoys the cool Christmas lights in the states. That's one thing that hardly anyone does here. Anyways I'm excited to talk to you guys in like 3 weeks and I know it will be fun. 
Well hope all is well and that there aren't anymore wind storms!
Elder Wilkinson

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