Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey everyone!!! If you don't know where I'm at right now I'm still in the place I was at 7 and a half months ago!!! La Noria. All the members are starting to make fun of me and tell me to just buy a property lot and a house because I'll probably stay longer. Anyways, everything went well this week.
We had our 3 baptisms this week Brayan, Juanita and ElĂ­as and they were all very happy. Each baptism is very special, but it's even more special when you can see people make the decision to be baptized together with someone else or even better with their family. The gospel really is what Christ taught us so we could be happy in this life and also receive forgiveness for our sins and live with him again. That's what these people that were baptized understood and that's why they made the decision to be baptized.
Also, this week we had a Chocolatada, or a party where everyone drinks hot chocolate and fruitcake/fruit bread. It was fun because the ward did it and they asked us to come and contact all the people that came. We contacted about 30 to 40 people and they all live in our area, in the more financially challenged part of our area. The people there are all very humble and very receptive to the gospel.
Anyways, it was very good to talk to mom last week and set up the time to talk this week. The only bad thing is that we will have to Skype in a public internet place. That's a bummer so we`re going to look for a really good place to do it. Well I'll been thinking of things to ask you guys and about things to say but there's not much that I'll have to ask probably because I've pretty much forgotten everything about home. haha
I was also very glad mom to hear that Evelyn Changa was baptized. She is a very special person and I remember the day we found her family and taught them. We taught her and her mother about the Plan of Salvation because her mother was afraid of dying and leaving her family with nothing. I'm glad that the missionaries continued to visit her after I left and helped her finally get baptized. I'm starting now to see a lot of fruits from my service in previous areas. I hope I continue to hear stuff like that the rest of my life.
Well I've got candy now and I'm enjoying it. Thank you. I hope all is well with the family and that everyone can talk to me on Christmas. Tell everyone thanks for the letters and the support they have given me. I'm in the process, a very long process, of writing letters to people back home. I wanted to do it for Christmas but I'm not done yet. Don't worry everybody I haven't forgotten you because I haven't written you and I don't think you're less important to me now than you were before I left, for some of you that's not saying very much haha, but I do remember you and pray for you and hope you're happy and remember me too.

Until Christmas Day,
 Elder Wilkinson.

The Savior lives and loves us. He suffered for my sins and overcame my pains and inflictions. Remember Him and His life and His actions this week.

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