Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey everyone it's great to hear from all of you and know that you're all doing great. This week has been good for us but a little slow in the work. Everyone here is doing good and we are helping a lot of people progress towards baptism. 
I hope this week that everyone can enjoy their birthdays. I think there are 3... Grandma Selma, Uncle Jeff and Fred Sorrentino.
 My birthday was really awesome. When we went to Mirian´s house for breakfast they gave me a surprise with music, glitter, and a cake. They gave me a lot of food too and a lot of pop. Then, when we came to eat dinner she threw another party for me!!! This time with all of the members in her house. It was awesome. I haven't had a party like that in a long time and it was on the mission!!!!!! with members!!!!! haha over all it was really great and I'm glad that she is my pensionista. She is the coolest and nicest lady I've ever met. Mirian also had her birthday on Sunday and had a little party. We had a nice lunch with them and their family. We just got done buying her birthday present and we're going to give it to her today. 
Well this week we lost a little time with all of the surprise parties but we are really excited and motivated to work. The Lord's work is very important and there is a lot to do but it is the most fulfilling work there is. It's amazing how many blessing we receive from the Lord every day and how much He guides us. I know without a doubt that the Lord has guided me many times in the mission to the homes of people that need us and I know that even though I have weaknesses in language and in actions that the Holy Ghost is the one that's really talking and that when I'm obedient He says everything He needs to in the lessons. 
Anyways, I hope all is well. 
Congratulations Sadie and Ryan!!!!!!!! 
 I hope all goes well for you guys. 
I can't wait until August! 
Until next week, 
Elder Wilkinson
Tyler's birthday party!!

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