Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey everyone stinks to be you!!!!! haha just kidding but not really because the weather has actually been very good this week, just a little hot yesterday in church wearing our suit coats.
 Well we had a very interesting week this week. Carlos Alberto Ramirez Escobar was baptized yesterday now completing the family. He is a single father that is very funny and knows a lot about American history. We baptized his two sons about a month ago, Yohan and Bryan. the whole family now are members and have made great changes in their lives and are very active and glad that they have the gospel in their lives.
This next week we will be baptizing a girl named Melixa. She is the sister of Diana, a young girl that was baptized on New Years Eve. She is really afraid of water so after we had her interview on Saturday we practiced with her for her baptism and after about half an hour we got her to dunk herself in the water. She is a shy little girl but she had a cool experience and said she also had a dream about being baptized so she is really motivated and excited to be baptized. She likes playing volleyball so today we are going to go play volleyball with them at 4 o'clock and talk to her mom a little more about the gospel as well.
 Yes I got all of the packages that my mom listed in her email. for my birthday and everything. Well Sister Turk's birthday was awesome. The mission forgot to call me and wish me happy birthday so Hermana turk made it up to me by inviting me to her birthday lunch with the office. We ate at a restaurant called Squalos. It was very, very nice, pretty much like a steak house in the states. I had a steak, medium well covered in shrimp tails and shrimp sauce with frozen lemonade french fries and a salad. It was awesome!!
Also, I went with Hermana Turk to go inspect the rooms in our zone. That picture was in front of Elder Hurley and Elder Mezas room and.............they didn't pass inspection hahaha They have to rent a different room next month because it's not up to standard.
Well we are teaching a lot of young people, Gian Pol, Ana, Natalia, Alexis, and they all live in Pesqueda. The large hill in our area. It would be great if you could pray for them because they could all be baptized in these next few weeks if we have faith in them and the Lord and if they make the decision to repent.
Well I love you all and hope that all goes well this week.
Elder Wilkinson
P.S. Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!

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