Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey everyone Happy New Year!!!! I'm very glad to start a new year and I think it will be the best year of my life because I will be able to finish my mission strong because I'm now experienced and know what to do a little better. I will also be home this year making the most important decisions of my life. All before December 2012 when the world will come to an end.......haha just kidding but everyone here talks about it and it scares a lot of people. We always help them understand that no one knows except God, not even the angels in heaven know!!!!!!!! 
Well we were very blessed to have 2 baptisms this week and see them progress so much since Elder Arena got here. He is a very powerful missionary that is a master with the doctrine. He talks with a very loud voice that sometimes seems like he is yelling at the people so they really pay attention to him. He is from Santiago, Chile but on the very southern part. His family lives in a town called Buin that is close by. He has the same time in the mission as I do so we will be finishing together in July which will be kinda fun for us. The  people that were baptized this week were Yohan Ramirez and Diana Coraquillo. One is 14 and the other is 13. They are really great kids. At first the both of them didn´t want to be members, or change much, but they really have felt the spirit and they have made very big changes and we can really see the difference in their lives.
 Well I have to go but I know that this church is true, that miracles do exist, and that I am called of God to declare repentance to every child of God within the boundaries of this mission and everyone that reads these emails. Please read Alma 13:27-31... It's really how we feel as missionaries about our investigators and for our friends and family. I know that Christ lives and that his gospel is the only thing that gives us true happiness and peace in this life and eternal salvation in the world to come.
 Elder Wilkinson

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