Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey everyone, sorry I couldn't write yesterday but it was a very busy day for us here in our zone. We went to a place called Cerro de Paz in the morning. It was awesome!!!! It is a huge hill/mountain, and on this hill there is an old catholic church that is now like a tourist attraction. We went there and below the church there is a little cave that you can walk through to go into the back entrance of the church. There are statues there and pictures and old alters they used in the church. Also, on the top of the hill there is a huge cross so we hiked all the way up to the top and took a lot of cool pictures. I'll make sure to send you pictures when I can. Well after going there on the way back down, the little bus we rented out got a flat tire so we had to walk like 1 mile and a half back to the main road and take another one. It took a little while. 
After that we ate lunch and then we had to go to the doctor for two missionaries with feet problems. One had an ingrown toe nail and the other had foot fungus!!! How great is that? We were there for a couple hours and then they decided to operate on the missionary to take off his toenail. It was bad so they had to take the entire nail off. We waited forever. During the wait I left and had to go buy sandals for him so he could walk around these next few days, even though he can't walk at all, on doctors orders, for the next 2 days. Other than that these last few days have been very normal.
 There are quite a few people in my area that are progressing and only have a few obstacles to overcome. Please pray for Jared, Gimena, Joshua, and Lesly. They are all very young people and need permission from their parents so they can be baptized. I know the Lord will help them if they have faith and just do their part.
 I want to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom, grandmas, aunts and all the other mothers I know. 
I love you all and I love this work. 
Until next week,
 Elder Wilkinson

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