Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey guys...ya sorry last week was really busy and I didn't have a ton of time to write you guys about everything, but nothing really crazy has been happening lately just the same old stuff. Elder Perry got sick last week and had to sleep for part of the day. Also there was an incident in Pueblo Nuevo with the missionaries and one of the members that is mentally handicapped, and a little crazy, so they are moving the missionaries to Chepen which is a better area anyway, because they haven't had a baptism in Pueblo Nuevo for 9 months. Elder Perry and I have been looking for a room and a pensionista for them a lot this week. It has been hard to find one. I got your yellow packet package but I haven't gotten the two white boxes yet. I'll let you know when I get them. Today I'm going to go buy a usb port so I can save pictures on it, because the one you gave me doesn't work. It is just a card reader that is for a different type of sim card. I'm not sure how the calling thing really works yet. I think we get to pick more or less when we want to call but we have 45 minutes I think and I'll be sure to think of things to ask you guys too.
Were in the outskirts of the mission pretty much so we never really hear anything from anyone. Yes, for Christmas we are going to Trujillo on the 19th to have a pageant and to sing carols in the nightime. Last year they did something for Christmas besides proselyting but I'm not sure how its going to be with President Turk.
We have been struggling the last 2-3 weeks with having progressing investigators and new people to teach. I can't remember if I already told you but we had one baptism for a 22 year old girl named Anita Ruiz a few weeks back. It was a really special baptism and there were about 30 members there which is a lot for here. We have one 11 year old boy that wants to be baptized but his parents don't want him to, so we can't. We had another investigator with a date but he doesn't have a testimony yet and he had a problem with the palabra de sabiduria (Word of Wisdom).
 The other day I read the story of the strippling warriors. I know every missionary that's ever been has related this story to themselves, but I liked that I could apply it to our famiy right now. You guys have taught me everything about the gospel like they were taught. The strippling warriors cared more about the happiness and safety of their families than themselves and I feel like that all the time because all I worry about from home is you guys and that you're happy and safe. I know you are receiving blessings from the Lord, because I can tell just from your letters.  I pray everyday that if I do receive any blessings from this work that I want you guys to receive them. Also, in the story the men had never been to battle before or experienced those things in their life, but they were strengthened by the Lord. I know now that I've never explained the gospel to anyone or had any experience teaching but I know the lord will help me overcome it. Also in the story it explains that the warriors were able to be great in the war because they learned from their mothers to obey with exactness in all things. I have definitely learned the importance of being responsible and working hard from my parents and I know that to be an successful missionary or successful in anything, it is through obeying laws and commandments with exactness. I know that when we obey we are blessed, and that we can't receive all the blessings we need unless we obey with exactness.
 I love you guys and pray that you will have the strength and help from the Lord to follow the commandments and be happy. I'll talk to you again next week and have a lot more to say I promise.
PS... this week we are going to the Virgen and to the Fair of Guadalupe so I'll be sure to take pictures. And for Grandma weve only had one baptism this change so far, so we aren't avaaraguing as much but it will get better soon.
Any candy is great compared to what they have here and I'm so so so sorry its cold! If I could send a package of heat from Peru to you I would.
Con amor,
Elder Ty

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