Monday, November 8, 2010

Still in Guadalupe!

Hey guys, just another week here in Guadalupe!!! Ya Elder Perry and I both stayed in Guadalupe and we are happy. He has 71/2 months here in Guadalupe so it's like the home for him. The people here are a lot nicer and different he says and I think he's right because Pacasmayo and Pueblo Nuevo were a lot different when we went there. That's crazy that we had a shooting again in Clinton... really everything exciting and interesting is happening while I'm gone. I haven't gotten your package yet, the one after the Skittles one, but I'll let you know when I do and I'll be sure not to open the white ones. Dad's lucky that he got to go pheasant hunting!!! I was bored today for p day so I looked up all the hunting words in the dictionary, but I didn't bring my paper with me so I don't remember all of them just that deer is venado, buck is gamo, pheasant is something like faisón and I can't remember the rest. Elder Hannemann went to Viru and I have heard from him once and yes we are teaching lots of people but Elder Perry is doing most the teaching. Thanks for your advice it made complete sense and I really needed it. It's harder for me to teach than it is to speak spanish and I get really frustrated. They do have Facebook but I'm not sure who does and the internet is surprisingly fast. Love you guys and tty later. TY

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