Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey everyone!
 I'm glad that it warmed up there and that everything is going well. It's still heating up here so I think the heat is just spreading up to you guys.
 My mom told me that Elder Christensen and Elder Perry are home. It's really weird to think that he was my companion 2 and a half months ago, and that I saw him 3 weeks ago. Elder Christensen is right to say that obedience is important and also patience. It seems like my patience is getting worse since I got here, but it's something you have to work on always. The obedience also is hard when you want to visit just one more person before going back to your room or when you just want to sleep for 10 more minutes.
 I'm glad Sister Perry is sending you photos, but you don't have to send me anything. I'm probably going to have a change and I don't have any more room and don't need anything. I still have 2 months of candy or more and I still have rings and photos and everything.
 I can't believe Grandma and Grandpa will be back in 7 months from their mission. That's the same time that I have in the mission right now and it seems like nothing. haha I know I'm struggling with the language a lot now but I feel like I'm stuck between two languages because when I talk to elders and other people in english I can't think of anything to say and I think my grammar is worse in english than spanish when I talk. 
Sadie asks if they have ice cream here and the answer is yes. In the CCM we had ice cream every Wednesday and Sunday and they have ice cream in Guadalupe. In spanish it is called helado, the h is silent. I'm glad to hear from my grandparents that everything is well with them and also with my great grandparents, and I'm glad they  keep me updated on the sports and on everything else that happens in my family and extended family. Everyone tells me it is the same there, but it seems that everything is changing very slowly and that really different and new things have happened. 
My mission seems to be going by really fast now and I hope it slows down a little because I still feel like I have an eternity before I'll know the language and be a strong, self sufficient missionary. 
The other day I was listening to the church hymns and the hymn When There`s Love At Home came on. It reminded me of my mom and when she used to sing that hymn to bug us when we were fighting. Growing up I hated that song for that reason, but now it's one of my favorites because it reminds me of my mom and also of my family. I know that families are the most important thing in our lives and that the gospel helps the family.
 I hope that you guys are all well and are doing all you need to do and I hope that I'm doing everything my Father in Heaven needs me to do.
 hasta la proxima semana, 
con mucho cariño,
 Elder Wilkinson.
 Oh and tell dad that I think he should wait to buy the four wheeler haha

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