Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey everyone! 
This week went really well for me. We had a baptism!!!! His name is Roman Quiroz and I was able to baptize him. He is the husband of a recent covert that got baptized a year ago. He has changed a lot in the last year and has been waiting about 2 months to get enough time off work to be baptized. His baptism was really great and he really felt the spirit. The daughter of our pensionista was also baptized Friday and there were almost a hundred people there because she is the daughter of the Stake President. 
Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to Trujillo for our interviews and have a meeting with Pres. It's always really awesome hearing from President because he always seems to know your problems and how to motivate you. After the interviews we had Papa John´s Pizza which was amazing, and when we finished we played a fooseball tournament in the mission office. Every district is playing each other and the winner of each district gets to go to Trujillo for the birthday party of President and play in a tournament of the whole mission. The good news is that Elder Santiago and I won!!!!! haha We get to come back for his party and we both received a 20-30 dollar tie for our prize. 
I don't know the changes but President told me that most likely I'll have a change this time. I hope I go to Cajamarca so I can know what it's like before they change the boundaries of the mission. I'm glad that everyone is doing good and that school is going good for everyone. Right now I'm really glad that I finished all my english classes before I left, because I can't write or speak in english very well...spanish either for that matter. I'm stuck between two languages right now. 
Elder Santiago is from Huánuco which is in the Mission Lima East, but it is really close to the southern part of our mission. In Peru they start their college or institute at 16 years old and he finished that. He worked with electricity and telephone poles and high voltage wires. He took a bus from his house to Lima (the CCM) which isn't too far away about 6 hours or so. His town is mostly jungle but also in the mountains. He said it's between jungle and mountain, either way a lot different from Guadalupe, desert desert desert. 
The weather should start to cool down starting in the end of March. Their summer vacation just ended here so they are starting school tomorrow so we won't have as many crazy little kids running around during our lessons. 
Also, this week we are going to have our district conference and President Turk is coming to our district to talk to everyone. It will be my 2nd district conference in this district so I guess that means I've been here a while. haha It doesn't seem like it. 
Anyways all is well here and we still have one more week in this change so I hope we can find a lot more people to help and that I can enjoy the time left here that I have. The people here are all really kind and the members all have really great testimonies. It's cool that sometimes I think of how different the people act here than how we do in the United States, but they are children of God also. We are all where we´re supposed to be and we all have our own purposes and we can all receive help from our Heavenly Father. 
 I know this work blesses the lives of the people. 
Elder Wilkinson

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