Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey everyone!
 Just here on the internet in Guadalupe again. Everything is going well and we are still here in Guadalupe safe and sound. The baptisms haven't come through yet because the last two weeks have been really crazy for the two families we were planning for, but this week seems a lot more likely.
 This week we were able to have our Multi-Zone meeting in Trujillo and it was really great. Hermana Turk's talk was really funny because all she talked about was the birthday of President and how old he was, 50!!!!! and that all he wants for his birthday is BAPTISMS!!!!! haha She is having us do a March Madness like they do for all the college basketball teams but instead for baptisms, but we're not competing either haha. and the latino missionaries don't have clue what it is.   Also President Turk gave a really awesome talk and helped us a lot and motivated us. He shared a cool story about the Civil War in the US and it was really spiritual, but it was cool for me because I got a letter from Grandpa Wilk the day before and he wrote me about the Civil War and shared a few stories with me. It was a cool experience.
 My mom asked if I know anything about the changes next week but I thought they´re in two weeks so I hope that it's two not one because I'm not ready to leave Guadalupe yet.
 I'm sorry that I didn't turn my fan in your direction this week to blow the hot air over there, but it's because I had to turn it to blow all the mosquitos away from me haha!!
 I know everyone is probably wondering about the changes in my mission but I don't know a lot. I know that Guadalupe and all of this district will be in the Mission Chiclayo whichs kinda stinks. Also Cajamarca, the part that's most green and beatiful of our mission will also go to Chiclayo. I know that the change will happen July 1st. I don't know how it will affect us, or if some missionaries will move to that mission, but we have interviews in Trujillo tomorrow so maybe I'll hear a little bit more about it. It's really awesome though that Peru will now have 10 missions. 
The people here are very humble and there are a lot of people being baptized and the church is really growing fast here and the people are really being blessed for all of the service that they do in their wards and for the church. The people here have really helped me strengthen my testimony and I have learned a lot from them. I know that they have a lot more humility then we do in the US, and also love for others. We can learn a lot from the people here and I know that the church will be strong here forever!
 Until next week,
 Elder Wilkinson

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