Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey everyone!!
This week I'm here in my new area Los Cedros(The Cedars). I'm really close to the mission home now and all of the real popular parts of Trujillo are in my area or about 10 minutes away. The Trujillo Mall is in my area, but we aren't allowed to go there unless it is as a zone. Also Papa John's Pizza is in my area, but it's at the mall so we'll have to order it by delivery. haha My companion is Elder Del Aguila(Elder of the Eagle). He is from Lima and is really hyper. He never stops talking haha literally, but he is very nice and is very motivated to work.
 My pensionista this change cooks a lot better food and I'm still gaining weight haha.
 I'm about ten minutes from the beach so I didn"t have any problems when they announced the tsunami, but they temporarily moved the district leaders to another area for the day. Everyone was watching the news and wondering how big the waves were going to be. How bad was it in the US? My companion and I are both new to this area so it's almost like we are opening this area up again. We found a lot of new people and we have a lot more contacts here in Trujillo than we were able to have in Guadalupe.
 The bishop asked us Saturday to give talks in sacrament meeting so we had about half an hour Saturday night to prepare a talk. Everything went good, but it was my first talk in the mission so I was a little worried, but not that much.
Sorry I don't have time to write much this week and nothing really interesting is happening besides that. I'm glad that all the missionaries are okay in Japan and that the missions will be able to help the people. I'm sure they are going to have lots of problems, but also a lot of people will accept the gospel because of the trials that they have had in their lives now.  
I know I haven't written anybody so far in the mission and that's why nobody has really written me, but it would be really nice if somebody could write me a letter. haha Anyways gracias a ustedes and I'll write again next week. I always think of you guys, all my family and friends, and I hope you have a really awesome week.
 Elder Wilkinson 

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