Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey everyone! 
This week went really well for us!! We're going to have a baptism this Wednesday because of General Conference this week. Also, the next week Peru is going to have elections so we have to have the baptism this week which is better. His name is Jheyson and he is 14 years old. We are teaching quite a few people right now but they are not progressing very much. We are teaching a lot of young people in this area. One girl named Isabel that is a maid for a family who are members. She is from Chepen which is where I had my first baptism and is 5 minutes away from Guadalupe!!! We talked a little bit about Guadalupe and how glad we are thats it's not as hot here and there aren't any mosquitoes. Also we're teaching one family that the parents aren't married but they have plans to get married either this week or the next, so we hope that they take the time to go and fill out their paperwork.
 The miracle that happened this week was that we went to a grocery store and I found Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew!!!!! I bought 20 dollars worth.........for now!!! haha Today for dinner I'm going to drink some because my pensionista has a fridge for her restaurant. My pensionista is Hermana Balvina. She is about 55 or 60 years old and she cooks really well. She had cancer of the throat a few years ago but I don't know any more than that, if she still has cancer or if she is better. She has one son on a mission and one more son that is a returned missionary that is really nice and also works in her restaurant. She also has one daughter that lives in her house with her family and she has one granddaughter that is 3 years old named Norelys. 
We didn't do anything for President's birthday but I know it was last Friday. He now is 50 years old but he looks like he is 40.
 It's still a little hot here in Trujillo but it's starting to cool down and fall is almost going to start. It was really windy yesterday and it was really nice.
 I can't believe the people from Guadalupe found me on Facebook. Elizabeth is the daughter of Roman that I baptized the last change. Anita is my convert and she is an english teacher and she is really active in the church. Jardelith is an investigator that we were teaching that is 13 years old. She didn't get baptized while I was there but is going to church. What you can tell Elder Samayoa is to call the family of Gladis Revilla and help them accept to be baptized, and you should ask Anita to tell me how Elder Santiago is doing and if anyone got baptized. 
Well I gotta go but I'll write next week.
 Con Cariño, 
Elder Wilkinson 

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