Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!!! 
This week was really really crazy. First of all we just started a new change so everybody was just getting settled into their areas again. My new companion is named Elder Ramos. He is from Guatemala but a ways away from Elder Samayoa. Elder Ramos is from the capital of Guatemala. He has 6 months in the mission so we are both pretty new but everything is going well and we get along very well.
 Well this week was Easter for you and the Semana Santa for me. ha It's a national holiday for the catholics and it's pretty ridiculous. It's called the Holy Week but all that they do is not go to the beach and watch movies about Christ on the TV. Everyone said they were busy or going to leave so we weren't able to visit very many people, but it was a good experience to learn patience.
 This week we had our baptism!!!!! His name is Jheyson. He is a really shy kid that has listened to us for about a month. His baptism was really great and we were able to have the Stake President come and give his testimony which was awesome.
 Well I want to wish Kali a Happy Birthday this week and also my buddy Nick!!!!!! the big 12!!! and the big 20!!!!!! 
Well I'm not sure yet when I will be able to call you for the call or the pre call. I don't know if anyone has told you but we are able to use skype this time to talk to our families so if you guys want to set up a skype link let me know and we can talk through that. 
Thanks for sending all the letters and packages. The other elders are really jealous. haha I don't mind anyone sending me stuff at all, pictures or packages, I just don't want anyone to spend a lot of money because I don't really need anything. 
This week has been very difficult and very long but I have learned a lot of good lessons and what I need to do to be better. Whenever I wanted to lose my patience I just tried to remember how Christ feels with us when we sin. We do it over and over again but He is willing to forgive us. He spent his whole life with sinners and people that weren't perfect but the only thing He ever did was teach them and help them to improve and be better people. I know that patience is an attribute of Christ that we should always try to improve. If we get rid of our pride, always focus on the good attributes of people, and focus on serving others and bettering ourselves we can see a lot of miracles in our lives. 
Thanks for everyone that sent me a letter and I hope everything goes well this week for you guys.
 Don't forget to write and hasta luego,
 Elder Wilkinson 

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