Monday, April 4, 2011

Hey everyone we got here late for internet so I have 10 minutes to write sorry.
 Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!
 I hope dad was able to relax and do something fun for his birthday.
 Conference went really well. Like normal in Priesthood Session the leaders of the church told us to beat our wives and keep them in check (haha that's a family joke if you're wondering what that means) and the other sessions were really amazing as well. Ha my expectation to get married when I was 26-27 was shot down as well so I guess I'll have to do the normal returned missioary routine and get married.........ugh. 
There were a lot of great talks about missionary work and a lot of good talks for my investigators. 
We didn't have our baptism yet because his brothers had to work but he is going to get baptized this week. I've learned that every little detail of missionary work is on the Lord's time. You don't know when a baptism is or who you need to visit or what to do, you just need faith.    I think that can apply to everybody's lives too. My room is a lot better this change and about twice as big. Also we are able to choose a little bit what we want to eat because it is a little restaurant, but our pensionista is like a mom to us.
 Also this Sunday and Saturday are the elections for president in Peru so nobody can be in large groups or meetings during this time, including church. We will be staying in our rooms reading the Joseph Smith Story and the Pearl Of Great Price. That seems crappy but I'm actually really excited. 
It's a lot more difficult this change than the others because of my companion but I'm learning a lot of patience and learning how I need to improve. 
Well I gotta go but hope you are all safe and happy!
 Elder Wilkinson.

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