Monday, April 18, 2011

Hey Everyone!!!
 Just here in my area again in good old Trujillo. This week we had a marriage for some of our investigators. Their names are Jose Zambrano and Karina Villegas. They haven't really been progressing that much lately but we went to their house about four days ago to tell them that we were going to have a massive marriage of ten couples, and we were able to help them make the decision to get married. We went to a chapel in the area Esperanza and it took about 4 hours. It was awesome to see all their family there to support them. The marriages, especially when there are 11 at one time, really make temple marriage seem a lot lot lot better. Well, enough about that.... we still haven't had the baptism for the one investigator that passed his interview but we now know that his dad is coming next Monday, so that's when we´re going to try and have his baptism. Grandma tells me that there's a lot of snow there in the mountains so the snow melt is going to be pretty rough. The weather here is actually really great and I'm enjoying it. It's hot but it's not miserable. It's like about May/June in Utah.
 Well I got the Easter packages and thank you so so so much for all of it, and I'm still gaining weight too so remember not to send too much candy. I also got letters from Grandma and Grandpa Wilk and it was good to hear from them as well. I'm sure they're really really busy and they're really really humble and obedient like they usually are. I try to remember every day in the mission their examples and to imagine how hard they're working and it helps me to stay more obedient and try to follow their example. 
Well we have changes today and the news is.........that I'm staying here!! However, Elder Del Aguila is leaving for the zone Las Laureles and my new companion is named Elder Ramos. I don't know where he´s from or how much time he has but, it's less than me because I'm going to be compañero mayor this change. I don't know what that is in english...señor companion I think.
 Well no more time but I want to say that this church is true and that Peru is awesome and that when we try to be like Christ we really are happier,

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