Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey everyone. I don't have much time to write but I'm doing really good. I'm here in Trujillo right now because a missionary has problems with his eyesight and I had to go with him to his doctors appointment.
 It's really hot where I live right now, almost like my first area Guadalupe. Don't worry I'm sure I'm suffering a lot more than you guys in the cold weather there!
 My pensionista is a good lady, but she gives us typical peruvian food, rice, eggs, bread, and nothing else!!!!!! ugh haha but yesterday was good because it was my companion's birthday and she made us spaghetti and cuy!!!!! haha gotta love eating guinea pig. It's actually pretty good and costs a lot of money here.
 Well the branch doesn't help much in the work here like they did in La Noria but that's only because it's a branch, not many people. They are great and I hope to motivate them and include them a lot in what we do.
 Anyways, we had a baptism on Saturday her name is Shantal. Her parents were baptized last month and now she completes the family!!!!!
 I love you all.
Until next week, 
Elder Wilkinson.
Please tell Chase happy birthday... his birthday is tomorrow!! 

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