Monday, February 27, 2012

Well everyone this was another crazy week in the Mission Peru Trujillo. We are doing pretty good here in Viru Puente. We are working very hard. President Turk has given us the standard of excellence in the mission to baptize every single week. He tells us it's possible and always invites us to do it. In this mission it really is possible, but it requires a lot of faith, hard work, and actually knowing the things that you need to do to find the people that are willing to be baptized. We always try to find a lot of new people every week and get the members involved a lot. Last week we had a baptism but unfortunately I wasn't able to attend. I'm in charge of all the sicknesses in the zone and someone had a problem with their eyes (different missionary from the one last week) and we had to travel to Trujillo and go to the doctor's office just a few hours before the baptism. I was really bummed, but glad that the person was baptized. His name is Oscar. He is a little kid that always attends church. He attends with his grandma that is a really active and a great member. His parents aren't members but the mom wants to be baptized. We just need to coordinate a massive wedding so they can get married for really cheap.
We also found two really great guys last week. Their names are Reiner and Andres. They are both from the jungle but are here working in fields and farm grounds. They don't really attend any churches but they believe in God. They both attended church and they both felt really great about it and want to be baptized. We're coordinating with them to be baptized this week or the next. The people here are really great and they are very humble. When we teach them the truth they accept it and realize that they need to change. Sometimes I wish the people in the states were this humble and willing to receive help from other people.
I've learned from the Peruvian people that every person is important and have important opinions and that when we know something is true we need to do it. The only downfall of the Peruvian people is that they don't read hardly at all. They listen and go to church and all but never really take the time to read. I'm really striving right now to help the people understand the importance of the scriptures. For that same reason. a lot of people go inactive after the missionaries leave or change because no one visits them and they don't read.
Anyways, I received my Valentines Day package from my parents and from grandparents. Thank you very much it was delicious. I only got one letter, from my sister. haha I'm glad I don't have to worry about the leaving a girlfriend during the mission deal.
Well this last week we also had our Zone Conference. It went really well. I taught my zone and President Turk taught us also. He taught us about what it means to be born again in the scriptures. The lesson was great and he brought in a mother and her baby to give us an example. The only bad part is the mother is Peruvian which means she started breast feeding in public like it wasn't even a big deal even though there were about 50 missionaries there. It was terrible! haha
Well I hope the weather stays warm and nice there and I sure hope it cools down here really fast.
Until next week,
Elder Wilkinson 

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