Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey everyone how are you doing? This keyboard is really bad so I can't write much.
 Well everything went well this week. We didn't have a baptism this week but is already set and good to go for this Saturday. His name is Reynerio Silva. He will be my first convert from the amazon jungle. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! He is the coolest guy ever. He is 26 and is living here alone and works on a chicken farm. They raise chickens and then ship them off to be killed after 45 days or so. They don't have much of a life but Reynerio sure does. He's really cool and has studied more of the Book of Mormon before being baptized than any other of my converts I think. He is in 1 Nephi chapter 18  I think after only a week or so. That's a lot for a Peruvian.
 He's really intelligent and humble. I also got to help set apart a missionary last week in the district. President Turk came with the assistants and asked us to join them. It was a cool experience doing that. President set him apart but I was next to him and he had his right hand on the missionary and his left hand on my shoulder and it made me feel really important and that we were doing something really really sacred. I don't think I'll forget that moment and don't think I'll ever stand in a circle to set someone apart like that again. I'm glad to be here!! 
 I heard unfortunately from one missionary that the draw units for the deer season have all been made smaller meaning that there is less areas to hunt with the tag that you draw. I hope that doesn't turn out really bad for us. 
Well this month President Turk asked us to read The History of Joseph Smith lots of times before General Conference to receive a testimony of him. I did that last year as well and it really helped me a lot and I know that he was a prophet. I want to invite all of you to do it as well before conference because it was really one of the best studies and spiritual experiences I've had on the mission. 
The church is true and I love you all.

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