Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey everyone how are you??? Everything is going really well here. We're working really, really hard here and we really are trying to strengthen this rama.
 My new companion is Elder Escobar. He is the missionary that just finished his time in the office. He had 5 months in the office and is really excited to start working in the field again full time. My companion is from Guatemala. That's my third companion from Guatemala. I've had more companions from Guatemala than I have from Peru. I've also had as many companions from Chile as I have from Peru, that's 2 chilenos and 2 peruanos. 
Well all went well last week. We did get the marriage arranged and we were able to marry 3 couples in our zone, including our couple from Puente, Sara and Eduardo. The marriage was really cool and was really special because a couple that was 80 years old was married. They have known the missionaries about 2 months and ever since the first visit they wanted to be baptized and to get married. The old man was also in a wheel chair and I had the opportunity of helping him with his baptism last week. It took two of us and about 35 minutes but we got him standing up and then walked him up the 4 stairs, down 4 other stairs, and into the cold water. Then we had to put a chair in the water so he could sit on it. After Elder Guerrero said the baptism prayer, I took the chair out from under the grandpa, Elder Guerrero took him in his arms and I slid the chair away and we both submerged him in the water. It was a little rough on the old grandpa but he was really brave. His wife was so happy and she went right down into the water and was baptized without a single problem. Also, after that Hermana Sara was baptized in our area. Now all that is left is her husband Eduardo. He is an awesome guy and is really close to baptism. Please pray for him. 
Yes mom we will be seeing General Conference here in our capilla and it's going to be awesome. I'm very proud of you mom for giving your 5 minute talk haha it's not that hard though to say talks when you study scriptures everyday like we do as missionaries. The news that Nick's getting sealed in the temple is really amazing and special. I can't believe how much everything is changing there. You should tell them to get married on the 3rd for dad's birthday haha. That's also the day that the sealing power was restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. haha Just tell them to think about it.
Until next week.
I love you all,
Elder Wilkinson

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