Monday, March 19, 2012

Well everyone, things are going good. Just siiting here in a little internet place a few feet off the Panamericana, the main freeway that passes through lots of cities.
 I was in the emergency room with a missionary today that had really, really bad stomach pains. He got food poisoning because the pensionista gave him yogurt that was a little past date. Never know what your gonna get in your meals here. Except for chicken and rice and bread, that's an everyday thing. Every meal thing!!!!!!!!! I now weigh 69 kilos. haha not sure how much that is in pounds, but not very much. I think I started my  mission weighing that much. 
This week was fun because we had interviews. My interview was great and President Turk has now assigned me to train a new zone leader this next change. I'm now in charge of different things in the zone, and I also have to help my new companion learn his responsibilities. It will be hard, but will really help me become an organized person and a better leader. We have all of our responsibilities to take care of plus be an example to the zone in success and obedience. Also in the interviews  we played games... Chutes and Ladders. I won Froot Loops which was awesome. I finished the entire box in 1 day. muy rico!!!!!!!! Also we played fooseball. We won the championship game!!!!! haha it doesn't hurt that we have a fooseball table in our house. I just never thought it would ever help me out but it did. I won more candy!!!!!!!! 
Well it's still really hot here. It should cool down in 3 weeks.
 Last week there were 4 baptisms in our zone. We didn't have 1 but we should have 1 or two this week. It is a couple that needs to be married and after they should be baptized as well. Mom please pray for Eduardo and Sara. They are a great couple. Their son was baptized by us about a month ago. They both have testimonies and they will complete their family, all being members if they are baptized. Also you can pray for Mariana, Angi, Mayela, and Jose. They are all really great investigators that need to gain stronger testimonies and receive permission from parents to be baptized.
 Yes mom we did take a bus to the interviews in the morning because Trujillo is only 1 hour away, and yes we return after in a bus. It's actually pretty easy . 
Well I love you all and hope that this week goes really well for you. Stay close to the Savior and His teachings and He will always guide you and help you press forward. Don't ever lose the opportunity to invite someone to church or to a church activity, and don't forget your home teaching. It's really important, pretty much the way to strengthen the ward. 
I know the gospel is true and that what I do is what Christ would do if He were here right now in Viru. I know that through the Savior one day I'll live with God. 
Until next week.
 I love you all, 
Elder Wilkinson.  

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