Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey everyone I don't have much time to write. 
Everything is going great. I'm here with my new companion,  another stinkin Chileno!!!!  haha jk my companions from Chile have been really good.
 Well I thought I'd send you some pictures for once. So here they are. I just got news here that now in this part of the world, maybe the whole world,. young men can serve missions when they are only 18 years old!!!!! That's crazy!!!! That will help the people here serve more missions. 
Well I love you all. The Lord continues to bless me here and help me become the missionary that he needs. He's helped me a lot this week in the work because I only have 4 weeks here and I had to lead the area not knowing everyone yet.
 Well, Elder Marquez had to leave because they chose a new assistant and had to make a few changes with all of the zone leaders so it would work out ok.
 Please pray for the Hermana Vildat mom. Her husband is a less active member. She is 7 months pregnant and has gone to church 2 times. Her fecha is for the 16 of June. We hope she'll make it.
 Love you all. 
Until next week, 
Elder Wilkinson

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