Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi mom, I have lots to say, first I recieved  the letter from Grandma about my great great
grandparents. That was a great story grandma from you.  
Well I may not be a father in the real world but  I have 2 sons in the mission. and the good news, that I got today, is that  I'm  a grandpa again!!!!!!!!!! haha Elder Bulmini, the missionary that I trained from Uruguay is training again a new missionary from Chile. I just can't get away from the Chileans in the end of my mission haha.
 Well everything is going really well here we found a lot of new people this week and
 Elder Olivares and I are pretty much inviting the entire nation to be baptized...
 jk but we are inviting a lot to baptism. I really would like to have another baptism before finishing my mission, preferably the last week of my mission.
Well a missionary's mom came to pick him up last week. Elder Qualls,
they are from West Jordan and we talked for like 30 minutes  and she seems so familar but we couldn't figure out where from. 
Right now we are trying to help 3 people be baptized in these next few weeks. Their
names are Johnny, Vildat, and Alex, please pray for them so that they can feel the spirit and overcome the obstacles in their lives that keep them from being baptized.
 I'm loving these last few weeks of the
mission and I like it because I feel a lot more relaxed and focused on
the most important things. I've made the goal to write people back home
that I haven't been able to write in a long time or all of my mission.
Well I love you all and hope this week goes well. 
Sincerely, Elder Wilkinson 

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