Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey everyone it's good to hear from you. This week went alright.
 The people we were expecting to go to church didn't go and are struggling with their progress but we have found other people that are really great and one of them went to church this week. He is an 18 year old kid named Johnny. Well this ward is really progressing a lot now. We have 5 ward missionaries that we're working with, We have activities planned until Christmas this year in the missionary work
. My companion and I talked in church this Sunday and we'll now talk every 2nd Sunday of the month. I gave the last talk and talked about missionary work. I shared the scripture about how small and simple things bring to pass great things. I shared with them a few of the small and simple things that happened in my life before the mission that helped me to make the decision to serve a mission, also the small and simple things we can do as missionaries and as members to have miracles and change the lives of people. I also shared about the restoration of the gospel. It was a great and a marvelous work, but everything that was restored was through small experiences and our Heavenly Father restored small truths that cause great changes in our lives. For example, praying to God in the name of the Son, that knowledge was restored. God and Jesus Christ are 2 separate beings, the sacrament, a prophet, priesthood, family history, baptism by immersion, the gift of the Holy Ghost, every little thing was restored!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure am glad for all the little things God does for me and all the little things that you guys do for me as well. This church is true and has all of the gospel in it. Be grateful for all of the little and precious things that we have and tell everyone you know about these things as well because maybe they don't know or maybe they have just forgotten because they're so small.
 I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Wilkinson, 
Mission Peru Trujillo.
the best mission in the world!!!!!! 

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