Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey everyone!!!!!! Well this is my second to last letter... very strange!!!!! haha 
Well everything is going well here. I'm getting a little homesick but my companion is helping me stay focused and working hard. Well we're hoping that Johny will be baptized this week or the next and I really think that he'll do it. It would be so great to see him be baptized and be the last convert I have in my mission.
 Well I'm glad to hear that my family is doing a lot better with their health and I hope they don't stress themselves out too much preparing all the stuff for when I get home. They have to remember that I'm coming from a small South American town to the United States so they shouldn't be too stressed about the preparation hahaha. 
Well thanks mom for letting me know about my new assignment on giving my homecoming talk in August. that subject is a little easier for me and I am excited to have a little while to relax when I get back!!!!
 Well I've thought long and hard and I've decided that when I get back what I want to eat is hamburgers and cold soda for dinner and for my first breakfast, bacon, hash browns, and Eggos with blueberry syrup and ice cold orange juice or grape juice. oh que rico!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha In two weeks rice will never touch this mouth again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Well this week will be very special for me. We have leadership training this week on Tuesday and Thursday and then another district leader training on Saturday so I will be able to say goodbye to a lot of old friends and companions.
 Well I don't have more time but I sure am praying hard for my investigators and for every one of you. I'm so glad for this gospel and for the changes that it has brought in my life and I hope that it has changed all of you as well and I can see all these great changes in you when I come home. 
Stay safe and stay happy. Follow the commandments, and get rid of all the rice in Davis County so I never see it again. haha
With lots of love,
Elder Wilkinson 

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