Monday, January 10, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos Tyler and Sadie!!

Happy Birthday Sadie!!!!!!! ha I'm glad I get to write an email on the day of my sister's birthday!!!!
 I'm glad you got the pictures I was worried if they were going to make it or not.
 So I heard Brittani got married and all is well there!!!!!
 The more the summer comes the more I wish I was there in the snow haha but everything has been going well this week. Elder Christensen's mom will be there the 24th and so will Elder Samayoa but I won't. They leave 2 days before the change meeting in Trujillo so I would have to stay there forever plus my district lives really far from Trujillo so it's not worth the time or money to go we just always stay in 2s or 3s and wait for our new companions. I think I'm going to stay in Guadalupe again because 4 or 5 of the 8 elders in my district are finishing there missions this change. Our district has been struggling this change with our baptisms and with progressing investigators but we are continuing to work and stay positive.
 Those pictures are of the pensionista's children and there names are Neil and Gema( hema in english) the picture of the mountain and also of the catholic churches are in San Pedro and Hequetepeque. Ya that's spelled right I think..... the hill with the statue is the Virgin of Guadalupe, or the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus. Guadalupe is one of the specific places in Peru where the catholic church worships/honors a saint, in Guadalupe it is Mary. They have crazy festivals and everything.
 I finally had to use the Dog Dazzer legitimately for the first few times this week. I haven't had any problems at all until this week and we had 3 different incidents with dogs. The Dog Dazzer works really well though so thanks.
 I got the packages from the Sorrentinos and from Jeff and Kathy so make sure and say muchas gracias from me haha. I definitely have enough candy to last me 3-4 months now at least from all the candy that the Sorrentinos, Jeff and Kathy, Grandma Wilk, Grandma Tuttle and my parents have sent me so I'll tell you guys when I run out but thank you guys so much it is delicious!!!
 I don't have anymore time to write because the computer is slow, but thanks for the emails and all that you've done for me.
 I know this church is true and this work is important, cuidense, TY 

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