Monday, January 3, 2011

Hey guys! ya before I forget mom I'll tell you what I think about the package. I couldn't really think of anything that I need because I don't need much. Sleeping pills probably and if you could send 3-5 really good pens that would be great because the pens here are terrible. Mosquito stuff but not too much just what I'll need for like 1 month. If it doesn't matter about the weight that much for this package, it would be the best if you could send some Mt. Dew or some Dr. Pepper, those are the two drinks they don't have here and those are my two favorites. Also maybe a little bit of honey, and if you can find a really flimsy cheap tie rack/holder that would be great too, but nothing expensive because I can buy it here cheaper if I have time to look. Also maybe simple recipes for my pensionista to cook so I don't have to eat rice as much haha. They don't use ovens here though so that narrows the options a lot.
Yay!!!! Sadie got a job!!!!!! ha that is great that she gets to do that and work really close to home. How is everyone else?
I don't have a lot of time to write today because we're in Trujillo and two of our elders came late.
For New Years we had to be in the room by six but other than that it was a normal day, just with a lot of drunk people. The weird thing they do though in Peru is they make full sized scarecrows pretty much, or men made out of hay, and they burn them at 12:00, it's really strange.
Who is going to be in the Super Bowl and what is happening with college football/ NBA?
 I can't wait for the day when I can feel cold again and see snow.
 I have learned a lot this week about the importance of prophets. In the issue of the Liahona in the month of September, I can't remember what talk, it says that when the prophet gives counsel it is for everyone but sometimes directed for a specific group of people. For example when they said to make emergency kits, every member needed to do it, but the members in the DR and in Chile needed it most. I know that when we follow the prophets we are blesed, until next week TY 

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