Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey everyone! My week went really well. My new companion is Elder Santiago. He is from Huánuco, Perú. He has 16 months in the mission and so far everything has been going great. The district has changed a lot since I first arrived and I think this will be my last change in Guadalupe. The other two missionaries that arrived are Elder Calta from Cuzco and Elder Munson from Idaho or somewhere. I'm still the youngest one in the district but I feel a lot more comfortable now then when I came to Guadalupe. My new companion has been helping me a lot so far with the language and he wants to learn more english which is not common for the natives.
Right now were planning on having 3 baptisms this Saturday of a single mom and her two kids. We found them two weeks ago and they are an amazing family for not having the gospel their entire lives. The children want to be baptized and have attended church twice so there is nothing stopping them, but the mom went on a trip to Lima Saturday to Sunday. She was planning on going to church there so we need to find out to see if she can be baptized.
We had a zone meeting really far away on Thursday, but when we came back we ran into Elder Perry and his parents. They were really excited to see me and it was awesome that I got to talk to Elder Perry again before he left the mission. It was really weird though seeing my companion from two months ago with his parents and how white they all looked compared to everyone else in Guadalupe. haha But Sister Perry ran up to me and hugged me when they saw me and Elder Perry and her husband shouted at her and told her that she can't hug the missionaries. Then she told me that she promised my mom to give me a hug for her. haha it was really funny but awkward. Then when they left she hurried and hugged me when they weren't looking and told me again that she promised my mom to hug me and they took pictures of everyone together. I got the package they sent and the honey tastes really good with the bread and peanut butter in the mornings.
Don't forget to tell me who wins the Super Bowl and I hope the Packers win too!!!!
That's awesome that Tyler Wood gets to have Vince as his trainer!!! The trainer is really important because you don't have a clue what's going on the first change.
 I hope dad has a fun and safe trip and I hope all of you guys are doing okay. I literally have no time to write anybody letters so please let them know I'm thinking about them a lot and that I'm trying to write them it's just almost impossible. 
I had a cool experience in a lesson last week. We asked the daughter of the single mom to pray for us in the end of the lesson. She is ten and it was her first time praying outloud with us and probably in her life. We taught her the steps and she started to pray. At first she didn't know what to say... thank you for my family, thank you for the missionaries, then she paused for a while and the prayer started to be really good. She sounded completely different and I thought that she got nervous and her older sister was praying for her, she sounded completely different and I was so surprised, I had to make sure it was still her saying the prayer and it was!!!
I learned the importance of praying with real intent and expressing your true feelings to your Heavenly Father from her and that the Holy Ghost really helps our investigators.
 Until next week and con mucho cariño,
 Elder Wilkinson 

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