Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey everyone thanks for all the birthday wishes and for thinking about me on my birthday.  My birthday went really well. We had a few of my favorite foods for dinner the night before and lunch the next day. Arroz con pollo and lomo saltado. When we went to our pensionista's for dinner we walked into the house and there was a huge cake sitting on the table for me!!! We had balloons and pop and the decorations and everything. but I found out about the peruvian tradition for birthdays this week when they sang me the birthday song. They always sing for birthdays in english first and after they sing feliz cumpleaños. After that...they take a raw egg or two and smash it on top of your head and then they throw flour on your head. I wasn't expecting it at all! The district president and the first counselor of the elders quorum were the ones that did it. After that we went to an investigator's house and taught them for a little while, and they had a cake for me too, and...... before we left they smashed eggs over my head and threw flour on me too. I had to shower and change a lot on my birthday but it was really fun and funny.
Also this week I had to eat cau cau again which is cow stomach with potatoes, corn cream and vegetables. ugh..... haha I did get your birthday package thanks and I also received the package for my birthday/Christmas dinner from Grandma and Grandpa Tuttle... tell them thanks too. I haven't received the package from Nick yet but do you know when they sent it? ha
 I don't know if the surprise room inspections will be for my district or not because we are in the middle of nowhere but I don't think our room is that messy. Elder Samayoa says it's the smallest room he`s had so far his entire mission so i'ts really hard to fit everything in our room and organize it. About half the missionaries are in Trujillo so I'm guessing that they are the ones that will get the surprise inspections.
 I can't believe that I'm going to miss The Roof this year but I'm glad you guys get to go. Tell all the workers that I miss them and I'm glad for the good example they were for me and for helping me be excited about my mission. If Judd is there you should ask him about the spanish mission in the states and how that is. Ask him how good his spanish is for being in the states the whole time and if he has any suggestions for me.
This week was a lot better than last week and we found two really awesome families to teach. They both attended church this week and we had a total of 6 new people in the church this week which is quite a bit for that number. This is Elder Samayoa's last week so we are going to work really hard so he doesn't get trunky as the peruvians call it here, or when you are ready to pack and leave or when you are thinking more about your home than the mission. I read a scripture I liked in Mosiah 12:25-27 I think where the priests of Noè were asking Abinadi what his teachings meant. We can learn from them that if we don't apply our hearts to what we learn than we are never going to understand. I know that if we ask or study with real intent that our Father in Heaven can help us.
Until next week, TY

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