Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey everyone how's it going? 
Wow I definitely won't have time to explain everything I want this week. Sadly, very sadly, I have changes this week. My new area is called La Noria. It is in the Zone Laureles. It's the biggest zone in the mission and it is also very close to President. I think the office is in this zone and everyone says that my area is pretty urbanized so not too many problems with hygeine ha ha. Well I'm very sad to leave because I had a lot of amazing experiences in this area. My converts are doing very well and I'm glad I was able to help them. The thing that makes me sad the most is that we have 2 investigators that are going to be baptized this Friday and Saturday. They are both people that I found and have taught for 1 change and a half. One is a 34 year old man named Jose. He was the guy that we helped get married and he also gave up drinking for 3 weeks now to be baptized. The other baptism is an 18 year old girl named Milagros. Nobody else in her family really wants to be baptized except for her. She has a lot of friends in the church so she should be fine after her baptism. They both wanted me to baptize them and I'm sure that they'll all be sad when I tell them that I can't. 
Well I'm going to this area and my new companion is named Elder Shaw. I think he is from California and has about 5 or 6 months in the mission. Well it should be interesting to be the senior companion of a North American. I guess we'll find out this change if I can really speak the spanish language haha. 
Well I was able to have a very spiritual experience this last week. The lady that we baptized two weeks ago has a lot of difficulties learning new things and she doesn't know how to read. When we taught her the gospel and how she could pray and receive an answer she would always tell us when we asked, "Well I prayed but I haven't got an answer yet."  We did everything we could to help her but she seemed to expect a miracle for her answer. She passed her interview and everything but was waiting for an answer. About 4 days after her baptism she told us that she had a very beautiful dream the night before her baptism. Almost all Peruvians think that their dreams are signs or answers and it has always seemed a bunch of crap or nonsense to me until this little lady received her answer. She told me that she saw a lot of shiny sparkling water and that she came up out of the water and she saw two men and one stretched our his hand and said, "Come here Sister Grima, this is the way." She also told me a part after about the phrase "this is the way" and it was very similar to the scripture in 2 Nephi that we have never shared with her and she can't read so I know that it was an answer from the Lord and that she had the faith to receive an answer in this way. The Lord new that she would need an answer in this way because she can't read or learn well or anything but she was able to receive this answer and be baptized. I know the Lord answers prayers in his own time and in his own ways and that all that is required of us is to have faith and be willing to accept the answers or guidance that we receive. 
Well until the next week, 
Elder Wilkinson.
 Happy Birthday to Gabe Petersen also!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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