Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey everyone! How's it gone the past few days?
This week has been really good for us. We just got done playing soccer today and I've gotta say I'm getting a lot better than I was when I came here. haha I scored like 5 or 6 goals today!!!!!
Well the only bad news is that I should be playing soccer more often than I am because I need to lose weight. My total weight gain for the mission so far is 21 pounds. ugh...... Well it's gonna have to be a month of dieting for me this June. I think I'll cut the rice out of my diet first haha because it's TERRIBLE!!!!!! They eat more rice here than in China!! not even kidding.
Well something else awesome that happened this week was that our investigator got baptized Saturday and she asked me to baptize her! She is a 60 year old lady from the mountains and she doesn't know how to read. She learns about as fast as a 2nd grade student but she has a lot of faith and believes in the church and its priesthood authority. During the baptism it was really funny because I taught her how to be baptized for the second time right before we went into the water, but she didn't quite have it down.........ha ha I told her that if her feet came out of the water she would have to be baptized again so when I said the prayer and she went under the water everything went alright, but when she came out she didn't put her feet back down on the floor but was cuddled up almost in a ball and I had to hold her in the air for like 30 seconds before she decided to put her feet back down. haha It was really funny and my companion laughed for like 5 minutes straight because I almost fell over holding her in the air like 5 times.
We also had a Noche Misional this week when the missionaries have an activity where the investigators and the members all come to the chapel and we have a lesson and after we play games. Everybody loves playing the game that Elder Samayoa taught me that's called the Torta de Harina, the flour cake. Everybody that looses has to pick up a piece of chocolate that's sitting in a big pile of flour, but they have to do it without using their hands. If anybody has any ideas of what we can do for games during Family Home Evening it would be a big help because we have a lot of less activities in our ward.
Well I was really proud to hear that my sister had the courage to stand up for herself with her big jerk boss. I know my sister works really hard and is always focused when she is working for someone. I know how she feels because the same things happened to me when I was learning spanish. People always making fun of you, correcting you and it never seems like your improving but really you are. I remember one change in the mission where I hated contacting and I couldn't contact that well. I was always worried about how I could contact better and I tried everything I could but it just seemed to always be the same. But when the end of my change came and I received a new companion with less time than me I discovered that I didn't have as much fear of contacting and that I had improved a lot. 
I know that all the experiences that we have help us, the good and the bad. The only things we need to do are trust in the Lord and be obedient and we will be successful and receive the help we need.
Well next Monday I'll try and buy the team jerseys for everyone and save pictures. Does everyone just want jerseys that say Peru or do you guys want different ones.
Write me and tell me the answer ok.
 Love you guys.!!!!!!! 

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